LM1801 Datasheet

LM1801 datasheet specificies that the IC is an extremely low power comparator with a high current, open-collector output stage. The typical supply is only 7µA, yet in its switches state the comparator can source or sink 0.5A. The LM1801 is designed to operate in a standby mode for 1 year, powered by a 9V alkaline battery. Provision is made for operation from supplies of up to 14V.

LM1801 Features

  • 8V to 14V operation
  • direct drive to horn
  • internal zener for supply regulation
  • parallel comparator capability
  • extremely low standby current drain
  • 2 references on chip
  • low battery detector
  • 0.5 output transistor
  • output clamp diodes on chip

LM1801 applications

  • intrusion alarms
  • water leak detectors
  • gas leak detectors
  • overvoltage crowbars
  • battery operated monitors

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