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    Connecting two TDA2030 thru cheap power transistors we can create a amplifier wich can deliver a higher power. With the components value from the schematic the total amplifier gain is 32 dB. The speaker can be 2 ohm instead of 4 ohm if we use the TIP transistors.

    TDA 2030 is produced by SGS Ates and is a complete audio amplifier. AB class of the final amplifier cand deliver up to 14W on 4 ohm at a +-14V power supply. With a proper designed power supply this audio amplifier can output 200W.

    Schematic of the 200W audio amplifier circuit

    high power 200W audio amplifier

    Active components:

    • IC1, Ic2 TDA 2030
    • T1, T3 = BD 250, TIP 36
    • T2,T4 = BD 249, TIP 35
    • D1 … D4 = 1N4001

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    33 Responses to "200W Hybrid Audio Amplifier Circuit"

    1. i have a amp block digramme.dissing ckt

    2. can capacitor 100n work in place of 22on? does it need a preamplifier to feed the in put? is it bad if i supply it with +18vo-18v?

    3. a few watts are the resistors

    4. Is this really works?

    5. i’d done it befor several years ago .but it wasn’t more successful than STK serious.

    6. Hi i recently built this amp but.it hums when power is on even though i place a filter at the input signal. Any help to get rid of this humming sound.

    7. change your both your 2200 uF capacitor with higher value to remove humming.

    8. Is this really works?

    9. Can i build 2 of these circuits and bridge them together for one output?
      How do i do this?
      Where is the input for this circuit?

    10. Dear Sir…
      Can I get the PCB layout for this particular 200W amp circuit…


    11. Can i get the PCB layout of this particular circuit..200W amp

    12. I prepare all kind of PCB on order ……..contact…

      • What’s your email address my friend????Yes I will have some work coming up for you within the next 2 to 3 months.I’ll very probably need as many as 50 to 60 PCB’s. MY MESSAGE WAS FOR THE ATTENTION OF WAQAR AHMED!!!!

    13. hi jamie, i like to do work on pcb. contact on (suprabhatmajumdar@yahoo.com)

    14. este funciona bien colocando un crossower en la salida y un buen filtro de entrada el ruido se produce por el mal filtrado del voltaje por ello utiliza condensadores de 22000uf en la fuente.

    15. It Is Really 200 Watt ??????

      Anybody Tell Me Its amplefier Orginal Watt

      My Facebook ID (Shakilbd97@yahoo.com)

      Please ?

      • is like a car amplifier, the output power depends on the power consumption W = I x V. if your source is 12V x 12Vac to rectify square root = 16.92Vdc x 2 output = 33.84Vdc if the total power consumed serious 7A 237W if you subtract this component-EAT 200W reached its peak.

        if you want more power you have to look for a TDA of the same class to work to high voltage. and placing transistors in parallel. ie instead of 4 transistors 8.

      • apology is made ​​in the google translation.

        works as an amplifier amperage consumed, W = I x V where it has a 12 +12 Vac. which when converted to DC, you get 17 +17 VDC.

        ie 34VDC. if your total power consumed will 7A of 237W.
        Subtract the power consumption of the components and give you peak power amplifier that is close to 200W.

    16. i like the circuit,it works much good

    17. what is the dc power supply?

    18. Power supply is ±12 to ±15V depending upon load.

    19. I like it. Thank you.

    20. like . This schematic diagram is good. Thnk u.

    21. i hve a question if i change the tda 2030 with tda 2050 the power suply can be increased up to +_20v tks

    22. I wired the same amp but it did not work, so Im planning to rewire it latter.

    23. Can someone help me with simple ic circuit diagram capable of delivering 200watt??

    24. 200w amp. muze bhot aacha lga thanks………..

    25. Thanks my friend god bless you!!!!!!

    26. Hi guys , i have a hauffman HM9060mx home theater which is tda 2030 based. the transformer was burnt and i cant determine its size to get a replacement. I have bought a new transformer 16-18-22V but am afraid to connect it yet. Would appreciate any help to determine the supply voltage. The pcb has label “Model:YW 511T” on it. I have attached pics of the circuit and of the original transformer

    27. this is the circuit

    28. TDA 2030 chauffe tres rapide pour quoi

    29. I need the PCB for this circuit. Anyone to help?

    30. please let me know where is volume controller’s variable resistor
      of this 200W AMP.?
      please admin or anyone tell me.

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