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    TDA2005 is a class B dual audio power amplifier specifically designed for car radio applications. Its high current capability (up to 3.5 A) and the ability to drive very low impedance loads (down to 1.6 ohms) makes this circuit a good choice for cheap power booster amplifiers.

    TDA2005 stereo amplifier 2 x 10W
    tda2005 stereo

    TDA2005 20W bridged amplifier
    tda2005 bridge

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    3 Responses to "TDA2005 Audio Amplifier Circuits"

    1. nyaonge massinde says: on August 4, 2013 at 8:53 am

      in this design how do i determine size of heat sink?

    2. Good amplifier circuit , but how about giving us a printed circuit board layout, for the pcb assembled amplifier shown in this article.

    3. Hi,
      This is good amplifier circuit. I like TDA2005 that easy to use and cheap.
      I make it as the computer amplifier for my son.
      Here PCB layouts of my projects.

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