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  • This infrared transmitter use PWM (pulse width modulation).
    The transmitter is equiped with LM567, tone decoder circuit. Audio signal ( at least 50mVvv ) is amplified with T1 and then it is used to modulate IC1. Infrared transmitter frequency is adjusted with P2 between 25 and 40KHz.

    IR transmitter circuit diagram

    infrared transmitter circuit schematic

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    3 Responses to "LM567 Infrared Transmitter Circuit"

    1. this circuit is a little bit complicated.. using a 555 timer and a few resistors and diodes makes the circuit a lot simpler easy to construct thereby reducing the cost factor also.

      • @sidharth – do you have the infrared transmitter circuit you are talking about? We would like to present it on the website, thanks a lot.

    2. mehdi from iran says: on December 3, 2009 at 6:55 pm

      thank yuo its very good

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