Honeywell SC8105-001 IR Photodarlington Transistor

Honeywell SC8105-001 Features & Specs

  • Low cost
  • Popular T-1 plastic package
  • Opaque black visible light filter to exclude visible light
  • High sensitivity
  • Acceptance angle: ±10o
  • Wavelength: 935nm peak (Infrared spectrum)
  • Light current: 500µA Min
  • Dark current: 0.25µA Max

Vendor Part # Cost Availability (as of Nov ’12)
DigiKey 480-3577-ND $2.16 each 900 pieces
Newark /Farnell 96F6392 $0.98 each 90 pieces

I believe that neither DigiKey nor Newark /Farnell have a minimum order requirement.

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