general purpose power supply

General Purpose Power Supply

This general purpose power supply can e used for supply output voltages from 1 to 35V. The line transformer should be selected to give about 1.4 times the desired output voltage from the positive side of filter capacitor C1 to ground. Potentiometer R2 sets the output voltage to the desired value by adjusting the reference input.

Rsc is the current limit set resistor. Its value is calculated as:

Rsc = 0.65V/IL

For example, if the maximum current output is to be 1A, Rsc = 0.65/1 = 0.65Ω
The 1kΩ resistor, Rs, is a light-loaded resistor designed to improve the no-load stability of the supply.

General power supply circuit schematic

general purpose power supply

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    Did the reliability of the 723 improved? I had in hobby and professional field ONLY grief from this piece of junk! They would just “Die” for no reason! I eventually built the power supply of the “Pathfinder” with loose transistors and this lasted for about five years when I left the servicing of “Hi Racker” lift trucks. The system was discontinued and the customer went over to “Crown” trucks and they did not use the 723 in the transmitter power supplies they also used LM 338 K steel and the reliability was several decades more!! The only problem was that the current limiting had to be fitted externally