220v blinking led circuit schematic

220V Blinking LED Circuit

This is a simple blinking led circuit powered from 220V that can be used to mark special places or as voltage indicator. The voltage from the mains charges the capacitor through R1 resistor and D1 diode.

As long as the capacitor’s voltage doesn’t exceeds the diac’s switching voltage the cap is acting as a blocked diode. After reaching the switching voltage the diac is conducting and the cap’s discharging current lights up the LED.

The blinking frequency of the LED depends mostly on the RC time constant (in this case T = 11 seconds). The capacitor’s voltage must be a little bit higher than the diac’s breakover voltage.

220 volts blinking LED schematic
220v blinking led circuit schematic

With a 1N5758 diac the triggering voltage will be at 20V ± 2.


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