Voice Activated Home Automation Project

Today’s project of the day is from J-J Shortcuts’s blog and is about the voice activated home automation project, a domotica controlled room.
First let’s see it in action:

This is the beginning of my domotica controlled room.
It consists of a VRbot voice recognition module, an AVR ATtiny2313 and a 433MHz RF send module.

He uses a Veear EasyVR speech recognition module, some low-cost wireless light switches. The VRBot speech recognition module recognizes 32 custom voice commands. Once a command is recognized, a wireless switch is activated via a radio receiver. He then read in the signals with the Logic Sniffer logic analyser and reversed engineered the process.

Read the rest of this project on J-J Shortcuts’s blog.


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  • Shiva

    Please give me the circuit diagram & components values

  • Jack Wilborn

    Your article seems to be pretty complete. I would like to see your ‘milling’ machine that is apparently numerically controlled. Did you build this or purchase? Does it use standard NC controls?

    It is also difficult to find products like yours to control lights. I don’t know if they just don’t import them or why they are difficult to find here (at a reasonable cost.)

    I also was taken to a page to create an account to be able to download the project code, and this is a problem. Do you have it available elsewhere?

    You might find more takers if you would publish both the code and the circuit layouts in this writeup. That way everything you need would be in the article and you could refer to line numbers for explanations.

    I don’t like to join these things without a better understanding of how much will this cost later or some other surprise. I also have found interesting projects that were published a year or more previously and the site has dumped the code so it is no long available.


    Jack Wilborn
    Peoria, Arizona (Near Phoenix)


    pls pls i need your circuit diagram and article on this project i am trying to work on home automation i need all ur circuits to guide me.i dont really understand how it works.thank you

  • Sabir

    Plz provide a circuit diagram..

  • manoj kumar

    mjhe bhi kuch samjhao….. kitna kuch dekh kuch palla ni pada

  • shaik obedulla

    can any one send me this project detail and circuit diagram

  • tariq sheik

    hi there

    I would like to build this project, can you provide me with details, circuit diagrams etc.


  • Yashank Jain

    Sir, will you please give me the circuitry idea and how to encode it?

  • Kaguai George

    I would wish you provide with the circuit diagram,procedure and requirements to implement this project.
    Its very interesting. Kind regards.

  • geethapriya

    can you explain me what is the basic base required to connect these circuits. I mean i can understand the circuit connections , but, i dontt know in what i have to connect the circuit that is like pcb board ,bread board or something that u have used in the device i dont know what it is? please can you clear tat big doubt and send the explanation by mail