Basic Soldering Tools

David L. Jones from EEVBlog uploaded a great basic soldering tutorial where he talks about the tools we need to get a perfect solder.

The basic tools that you need are:

  • a good temperature controlled soldering iron
  • multicore solder
  • solder wick
  • a pair of tweezers
  • a couple of tips for the soldering iron
  • some kind of magnification (2x to 8x)
  • some additional flux (flux pen)

Soldering tools video tutorial


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  • WoodPaker

    Try tu use ebay. You can buy it over there


    very intersting and educative video. i would like to have those tools but are not stocked locally in my country, Zambia, Africa. Can some one donate a full or half soldering kit to me at Box 320147, LUSAKA, ZAMBIA. would greatly appreciate the help. Remain waiting. thanks for the video

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