Appliance Remote Control Arduino Project Schematic

Appliance Remote Control Arduino Project

Starting from today I will try to post interesting Arduino projects from around the web. I am novice in this domain but I am giving my best to fully understant it.
I must say from the begining that the projects are not developed by me and I will link the original source.

This Arduino project uses a general-purpose appliance remote control that you can buy from a hardware store. It can be modified to link it to an Arduino for software control of devices around your house, without having to touch any mains-level wiring.

Parts required:

  • 1 Arduino Duemilanove, Arduino Pro, Seeeduino, or equivalent
  • 1 RF appliance remote control
  • 1 Prototyping shield
  • 4 5V reed relays
  • 4 1N4001 power diodes or similar
  • 4 PCB-mount male connectors
  • 4 line-mount female connectors
  • 10 cm ribbon cable


Appliance Remote Control Arduino Project Schematic


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  • justaminute

    P.Maarian — You’ve done it again. Posting meaningless pieces of someone else’s projects without any understanding. It seems that you didn’t even know that additional files were needed needed downloading to make any sense of this project. Trting to make a great project collection is a great idea but you have to research, test and only then publish. You will then, at least, be able to respond to simple reader questions.

  • brian

    can you send me a toggle circuit using common ic’s