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    Let’s see some antenna calculator and antenna design software that will help you design faster and better. Please post a comment if you know other great software or links with information about antenna calculator and design programs. The list will grow with your help so let’s start and share the knowledge.

    HF Dipole Antenna – this antenna software will help you design a simple wire dipole antennas for 1 – 30 MHz.

    antenna makerMS-DOS Antenna Maker – it allows to quickly calculate dimensions for Quads antennas, Yagi antenna, Inverted vees antennas as well as J-poles and Traps to extend dipoles band coverage. Just extract the antena-maker.zip file and start the Menu.exe batch file.
    source: http://www.iw5edi.com/ham-radio/?antenna-maker,44

    yagi designer antenna calculatorYagi Designer 2.0 is a Yagi antenna calculator that can easily display E-Plane, horizontal radiation pattern, and H-Plane the vertical radiation patters, as well as to display antenna characteristics, in Gain, F/B ratio and feed point resistance and reactance.
    source: http://www.iw5edi.com/ham-radio/?yagi-designer-2.0,80

    parabola antenna calculatorParabola Calculator 2.0 is a freeware program that was written to help you design solar collector or wifi projects using parabolic reflectors.
    This program calculates the focal length and (x, y) coordinates for a parabola of any diameter and depth.
    source: http://mscir.tripod.com/parabola/

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