ripple filter circuit schematic

50Hz Ripple Filter Circuit

The ripple filter circuit is specially deisgned to filter out 50 Hz ripple signals from audio lines. A 50 Hz noise is usually found in european countries. In many cases, it is not possible to remove the cause of ripple noise. The featured active filter notch filter solves the problem in suvh cases. It allows the desirable signal to pass through with minimal attenuation. The Q factor of the filter is 10 at the inductivity value of 150 H.

These values can only be achieved practically by using an electronic “coil” such as this circuit. The circuit works as an active RCL circuit. The two opamps Ai and A1 LF356A together with the resistors R2 to R5 , C2 and P1, work as the electronic “coil”. The coils inductivity value is L = R2 x R3 x C1. Potentiometer P1 varies the inductivity value. The filter circuit attenuates the ripple noise by 45 to 50 dB, if properly adjusted.

Ripple filter circuit diagram

ripple filter circuit schematic


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  • "Powered by Beehive"

    Thank you for making this website so easy to find information. wonderful stuff. Saving this one for later.

  • Graham Butler

    Hi, I work as a psychotherapist and want to record CDs for my clients. I have purchased a recorder which (Coomber) the manufacturers assures me is silent – no background noise. Hoever, in my home I’m gettin a slight ‘generator’ type hum/noise which does not occur in two of my neibours houses when the machine is used there.

    Will the 50 herz filter resolve this problem/

    Regards Graham Butler

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