Bloom Box, Green and Cheap Energy?

You will be amazed with what you’ll hear and see about a great invention named Bloom Box. K.R. Sridhar (rocket engineer) came with the idea behind this technology. K.R. Sridhar was working for NASA in a project that could produce oxygen on Mars.

He reversed the oxygen generating device in such a way that instead of generating oxygen, he pumped oxygen in. This led to the invention of a new fuel cell which looks like a battery that always runs and produces green energy.

Bloom Box Video Interviews

part 1

part 2

What do you think about Bloom Box?
Will the population take full advantage of the Bloom Box invention or the big electricity companies will buy it and sell the energy at the same price as today or even higher?

I think the future is solar energy, eolian and any other form of producing energy using the free and vast resources that Sun and Earth has offered for FREE for billion of years. Just take a little magnifier glass put it in the sunlight and focus on a piece of paper or wood. I think you know what will happen, that is the of sunlight and it’s huge.


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  • John Waterman

    …”its all done to save our planet and save the deteriorating materials.”

    The planet is already lost. If/when this civilisation dies, the next one will never rise to the technological level of this one, since we have plundered and wasted the resources that have enabled the rise of this one.

    Humans are stupid.

  • jebran ahmed

    If it works and If the fuel cell do not fail as time progresses i’m sure it would be “THE BEST REVOLUTIONARY” step to save our planet resources n energy fuels.And it would be great if solar and this be combined to produce lot more energy instead of people going head on head fighting and classifying which is the best,remember its all done to save our planet and save the deteriorating materials.

  • Mustafa

    This is a great news and I hope exactly as John Waterman does. Bloom box can be the next energy source, but I still prefer solar energy because is free but the solar equipment is still pretty expensive.

  • John Waterman

    Brilliant, and if it’s true, all kudos to K.R. Sridhar. And *if* it is true, I hope this project does not get swallowed in the great anonymous sinkhole of the mega energy corporations such as BP, who don’t have the intelligence of a lab rat.

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