Top 10 Electronic Circuits March 2011

First of all I want to apologize for the low activity on the website. I am very busy with my current job and cannot publish articles on a regular basis.
I hope to be back on track with the articles and publish new interesting content.
Now lets see the top 10 best electronic circuits of March 2011 (after the advertisment).

March 2011 Top 10 Electronic Projects and Circuits

  1. Panic alarm
    Imagine the Panic situation in the Midnight when an intruder tries to break into the house. This Alarm will help you with its loud Police siren to abort the attempt of intrusion. With a single clap, the circuit generates the alarm for three minutes and then goes off. This is sufficient to catch the attention of neighbours.
  2. Laser alarm
    This laser door alarm is based on the interruption of Laser beam. A low cost Laser pointer is used as the source of light beam. When somebody breaks the laser path, the alarm will be generated for few seconds.
  3. Solar charger
    Here is a solar charger circuit to charge Lead Acid or Ni-Cd batteries using solar energy. The circuit harvests solar energy to charge a 6 volt 4.5 Ah rechargeable battery for various applications. The charger has Voltage and Current regulation and Over voltage cut off facilities.
  4. Dog repellent
    The electronic dog repellent is a high output ultrasonic transmitter which is primarily intended to act as a dog and cat repeller, which can be used individuals to act as a deterrent against some animals.
  5. FM antenna booster
    A low cost fm antenna booster that can be used to listen to programmes from distant FM stations clearly. The antenna fm booster circuit comprises a common-emitter tuned RF preamplifier wired around VHF/UHF transistor 2SC2570 (C2570).
  6. Touch switch
    A great collection of touch switch circuits. A touch switch is an electronic device that enables us to control a circuit by simply touching a sensor.
  7. Electronic thermometer
    This digital thermometer circuit diagram uses a common 1N4148 diode as the temperature sensor. The temperature coefficient of the diode, -2 mV / C is exploited for this application to create an accurate electronic thermometer. To display the measured temperature, a digital multimeter is used and so we can measure temperature values from -9.99C up to +99.9C.
  8. Infrared radar
    Chris from has a great article about a do-it-yourself radar system build with PIC18F452. It’s a great hobby project although the schematic is very complicated. This project uses three main devices to create the personal radar system.
    The IR Range sensor gives output, the pic microcontroller processes it and then displays the output on the led array.
  9. Freezer alarm
    A simple freezer alarm circuit, but ultra sensitive with a buzzer. The circuit raises an audio alert when the temperature inside the freezer box goes up above a preset level. The circuit requires 9V dc supply and can power from a standard 9V alkaline battery.
  10. Magnetic levitation
    A simple magnetic levitation circuit which suspends objects a set distance below an electromagnet. The physics behind it is to simply provide a magnetic force which equal and opposite to the gravitational force on the object. The two forces cancel and the object remains suspended. Practically this is done by a circuit which reduces electromagnet force when an object gets to close, and increases it when the object is out of range.

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  • Labh Singh

    I require 48 volt solar current controller circuit diagram of 30/40 amps .If u have provide me. Please oblige. Thanks in advance

  • nisha

    i need one useful projects for one competition

  • shahrukh alam

    sir i want to knw abt a circuit related to mobile..i dnt kne its perfect name..but i can explain u its operation…
    “we can control any circuit by attatching a mobile thrugh headphone…and we can contorl the ckt by calling to it frm any if we connected a bulb and if we call to that mobile …and by pressing 1 it glows..wat is the name of that prjct…and hw does it work…!!!!!!!!

    • Rahul

      yes, there is one project….. It is called DTMF decoding. DTMF is the sound which comes when you press a key on your cellphone. There is an IC to decode the DTMF signal and convert it into electrical pulses. For more details contact

  • Wisconsin Dave

    Just wanted to say THANK YOU for all your time and effort in doing all this. This is a GREAT website chocked with TONS of great ideas.
    One i wish i could find is an EASY to convert schematic to pc board. A simple program for making the pc boards. One where you transfer ti schematic into a progran and the program lays the circuit board out for you.
    I know i am living in fantasy land, but i bet their would ALOT more product activity if someone came up with this idea.



  • supriya

    there any ckt which we use for X ray timer

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