step switch selector circuit schematic

Step Switch Selector

As the name indicates, the step switch selector circuit is intended to choose one of up to four analogue switches, which it does with the aid of some less expensive components. It works off a regulated 5 volt dc supply and draws a current of few milliamperes. It may be used for a variety of applications, such as stepped volume controller, sequential power switcher, and so on. Note that although the prototype uses an ordinary push to on type micro switch, a different kind of sensor may also be used, provided its specification is known and suits the present circuit.

how does the step switch works?

The stepping switch circuit consists basically of a key bouncer, a clock oscillator, 4 stage counter and four analog switches. When power is first applied, the RC network (R5,C4) connected to the reset input (pin15) forces the Q0 output (pin3) of IC2 to be initially active and this standby state is indicated by D2. An oscillator, wired around two gates of IC1, is connected to the clock input(pin 14) of the IC2.

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Here, the frequency is near 1Hz with the component values shown (R3=10K & C2=100uF). When S1 is in off state, the counter IC2 remains inactive. If the push to on switch S1 is pressed or when input of the key bouncer circuit( pin11 of IC1) is pulled down, the clock input is enabled at pin 13 of IC2 and the IC counts up at a rate of one count per second.

Stepped switch selector circuit schematic

step switch selector circuit schematic

The counter output state determines the configuration of the four bilateral switches (1 to 4) inside IC3 (4066). When the first pulse is applied to the IC2’s clock input, the Q1 output will be high to trigger switch 1 (IC3A), for the second pulse the Q2 output will be high to trigger switch 2 (IC3B) and so on, sequentially. When the counter reaches its Q5 (pin1) position, the high level at this output resets the counter through resistor R6, switching all bilateral switches of IC3 to off.


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  • hassan-david29yahoo-com

    I have a 12v dc fan with five positions: On/Off, High/Low, Left/Right, Up/Down, and On/Off white LED Torch.Please help me to send me a circuit diagram for using push buttons latch switches. Thanks.

  • Jacques Le Roux

    I like this circuit but I want to know if it is possible to have 1 in 3 way instead of 4 way

  • Darrell

    Is there a circuit to be able to go both directions in the circuit with two separate momentary switches?

  • digil das

    May I use 1uf capacitor instead of 0.47 if capacitor

  • digil das

    When first pulse comes out put of ice shows 100ohms . can I use this outputs as a normal switch.

  • Abdulkarim

    What about traffic lights?

  • Sam Lumbergooz

    if you combine this circuit and the clap switch, can you make a 2-clap switch?

  • Carl

    Thanks Jim….I will learn about those two devices and give it a whirl….thanks for the response.


  • Jim Keith

    Use the MC1413 or DS2003 7 section darlington driver instead of the 4066– this will provide the required number of outputs and allow it to switch much higher voltages and currents. Also tie the enable high and connect the debounced pushbutton signal into the clock input instead– that way it will clock when the pushbutton is pressed– rewire the reset to reset when it reaches the count of 8.

  • Carl

    Nice informative site….thanks

    Question: I have 7 coils to choose from…I do not want to use a normal rotary switch but would like to use a NO push button switch to select one of the seven. I want each push (closing) of the switch to advance the selection by one, likely utilizing a 4066 to apply ground on the selected coil.

    Will this circuit satisfy my requirement ? And how do I achieve all seven, when the 4066 has only 4 switches internally ?

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