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    This time delay relay circuit is built with IC NE/SE555, produced by Intersil which contains a precision timer. Stability to temperature variations is 0.005 %/oC. In the circuit diagram, the IC works as a monostable multivibrator. It is set by operating the key Dr1. With Dr2 you can reset the assembly any time you desire.

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    26 Responses to "555 Time Delay Relay Circuit"

    1. Heloo, NICE circuit idea ! Can you or someone please tell me, will this re-set itself? Meaning, we know it will delay the on time, but will it also delay off time as well and restart the cycle? I guess I could build two seperate circuits to re-set it but seems like it would be a waste to do so if modifictions already exist to accomplish the same results,,Thankyou

    2. I asked that question on thee 10th of November, 2010,,, today is thee, 31st of December 2010. After almost two months I have tried various other design’s via transistor and thee ever famous 555. I have yet to finish a totally simple circuit, because I HAVE NO EXPERIENCE, and have no ANSWER TO MY 1st question. WHATS THE POINT OF THIS PAGE IF NO ONE MONITORS IT?

    3. Ed How long do u want the circuit to stay on before turning off and do u want this to cont all the time off on off etc

      • Well technology got me, I lost my computor due to virals. So a belated thank you for your response. I got it too work, I found one on “chemelecs” electronics projects page builf it, analyzed why it works and move into modification of a simpler single 555 version of my own. The it work fine on the bench,,I found it lose its stability in the truck I built it for too siwtch on and off and on a relay conected EFIE,, “electronic fuel injection enhancer” installed in series w/ O2 sensor to OBC,, think it was picking up “hysterious?” Any Idea?

      • 15mins

    4. Hi……….. i want 6 hour timer circuit diagram. HELP ME please….


    5. Similar to Ed, I’m looking for a delay on/delay off circuit — Controlling a pump, the input (a pressure activated switch) tends to cycle for a few seconds after either an on or off action and i want to damp out these oscillations after *either* transition. This circuit gets me half way there….any ideas for ther other half? -J

    6. this is good man!!! i i finally to do this right… basis the time relay… you must depending the capacitor.. this is great and meaningful!….

    7. what is B25C500 ??

      • Jim Keith says: on October 1, 2012 at 1:31 pm

        B25C500 is a full-wave bridge rectifier. Virtually any bridge rectifier will work for this application, or you may make your own with (4) 1N4004 rectifiers. Just remember that all arrows point in the same direction or to the right in this case.

        Regarding the 10,000sec time delay, I would dispense with the 4700uF capacitor because it is very unlikely that the 2M resistor can charge a capacitor of this size due to its leakage current.

      • navan dev says: on August 19, 2014 at 4:57 pm

        What is the abbreviation of rp1

    8. nice work ! perfect for my subject proposal.
      In place of the Reed relay, what TRiac rating i’ll be use ? thanks !

    9. and how i connect the triac in the circuit ? sorry i’m quite noob, this is for my minor subject :)

    10. can i replace:
      1. 500k potentiometer on 2M pot
      2. BT 136 on reed relay
      3. 12v 200mA only transformer

      thanks !

      • Jim Keith says: on October 3, 2012 at 10:00 am

        These changes are OK. Another issue I have with the circuit is the absence of a back diode across the relay coil, so place a 1N4004 diode across the relay coil with the cathode up. The diode provides a path for the inductive discharge rather than through the IC. While it may work without this diode, some 555 devices may function properly.

      • thanks for your reply !
        i replace my pot to 1Mohms.
        also, if i replace BT 136 on reed relay, correct me if i’m wrong on pins: M1 to ground; M2 to AC load; Gate to 150ohm resistor.
        with your diode on pin GATE pointing up.

      • Jim Keith says: on October 13, 2012 at 8:38 pm

        Looks good to me. Let us know if it works OK.

      • sunil somaiya says: on August 7, 2015 at 8:49 am

        Dear Sir,

        I want delay circuit of 1 minute, and do not want to auto-reset. So what changes I should do in this circuit.

        Pls reply Sir…

        Thank you so much..

        Sunil Somaiya

    11. teach me how to connect the triac on the circuit help me.it cant delay or even turn on a fluorescent bulb.

      • Jim Keith says: on October 14, 2012 at 2:06 am

        Troubleshooting tips:
        Connect resistor and LED to pin 3 of 555. If it does not light as expected, find wiring error.

        Apply approx 100mA DC gate signal to make sure that it turns on in both polarities. Do this by connecting 100Ω resistor between gate and +12VDC. This should turn on TRIAC. Test with incandescent lamp if you have problems with fluorescent lamp starting properly.

        Diode previously mentioned is for relay coil. Since the TRIAC has no inductance, no diode is required.

      • therefore I have 2 resistors connecting on GATE of my TRIAC. parallel 100ohms 12vdc to GATE with RX=150ohms from pin 3 to GATE ?

        RX got burn maybe because I connect A2 to 12vdc ground or i’d use 1/2 watt to all my resistor.

      • Jim Keith says: on October 14, 2012 at 6:09 am

        100Ω is for experiment only while 150Ω is disconnected.

        Yes, swapping A1 & A2 could burn out both resistor and 555. TRIAC may not survive either.

    12. Some content not understand, tomorrow to see it again.

    13. Hello, I like the article and comments. I´d like to ask about two simple modifications. A)I want a roughly 10 to 45 minutes timer, Can I eliminate the a-d S1 capacitors with no problems? eliminate the switch and direct-connect the 4700microF B)How can I add an indicator LED light to show it is ON? That is, a red light when the relay is connected and 220V on the external load (a heater)
      Thank you.

    14. mark joseph enclona says: on February 25, 2015 at 2:18 pm

      can i ask what is the value for rx. what watt can i use to my resistor?

    15. pls can anyone help me with a 555 timer circuit that stay active after a 10 seconds delay(that can switch 12v relay)

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