infrared power switch proximity sensor

Power Switch with Infrared Proximity Sensor

The power switch with infrared proximity sensor is intended for the recognition of obstructions at distances of a few millimetres to a few centimetres. This compact sensor switch can be used to open a water tap via a solenoid valve. In our circuit, the proximity sensor assembly is built from a discrete infrared light emiting diode (LD271-from Siemens/Osram) and a phototransitor (L14F1). A solid-state relay (S201S02-from Sharp) at the output of the circuit enables larger ac mains operated loads (for instance, the solenoid valve) to be switched.

How the infrared switch is working

At the heart the circuit is one renowned phase locked loop tone decoder chip (LM567 from NSC). When the pulsed infrared light signal from D1 is reflected by a nearby object, phototransistor T2 -through T3- provides a signal to pin 3 of IC1. If the signal frequency lies within the same band as that of the internal generator, output terminal (pin8) of IC1 is connected to earth, where upon LED in the solid-state relay (IC2) lights and the relay is energised.

Infrared Power Switch Circuit Diagram

infrared power switch proximity sensor

Infrared proximity sensor compornents and parts

infrared switch components

infrared switch parts


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  • Neybero

    What is it the maximum separation distance between IR diode and transistor?

  • prasad

    sir i need this circuit. how much price?

  • David Moe

    Enjoyed your article. I am currently working on a hand dryer that will require a proximity sensor to turn on a solenoid valve for air. Could your product be used for this?
    Thanks for any suggestions.

  • cameron benko

    Dear Mr. Hareendran,
    Is there a company that makes(and sells) a complete circuit of the power switch with an infrared proximity sensor that I cound connect directly to a light fixture?.. Thank you.
    Cameron Benko

  • s balasubramanian

    Dear sir, pls inform can we use the same circuit for ten channel purpose to detect the flowing materials

  • Jun

    Can you give some good applications of this project?. please..

  • khairi

    i would like to know whether we can change the solid state relay with other type than S201S20…???

  • burhan

    great project thanks

  • T.K.Hareendran

    Thanks for your feedback.In idle state,the circuit draws near 50mA with R1=68 Ohm. You can decrease this by increasing the value of R1,say to 270-330 Ohm.Please note that,after this modification,a slight modfication in the value of R4 may become necessary.Just replace R4 with a 10 K preset pot to set it right!

    • Manu Samal

      Dear Mr.Hareendran ,

      Thank you for the basic idea about the Ir switch ,but i want the details of the components to make a IR switch my self for my wash basin.

      I like to discuss about some of my idea with you for which i like to request you to give me your contact mail id enable me to contact you .

      i expect a reply at my mail from you soon
      thanking you once again

      with warm regards
      Manu Samal

  • Ed

    Thanks !! This site keeps getting better and better,, this is a real nice circue and my mind goes into the application phase of just how many places this could be used.

    Could you tell me please,,in the idle state of this circuit connected to a small 5vDc power supply source,,perhaps a suitable wallwart, what is the energy consumption?

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