220V power flashing led schematic

Power 220V Flashing LED

AC mains operated single LED flasher circuit, built using the popular CMOS timer chip TLC555 is shown below. The whole circuit is powered directly by the grid supply of 230VAC through a capacitive potential divider and associated components. This minuscule Power LED Flashing circuit can be easily fit inside a very small plastic enclosure.

power flashing led pcbThe 220V flashing led circuit can be incorporated into a roadside/parking ground lane marker bollard, or used as a warning for other obstacles such as fences, scaffolding tubes, etc. It can also be suspended from light/fan switch pull-cords to make them easy to find in the dark.

IC1 is here wired as a low frequency free-running oscillator, whose frequency is determined by the values of timing components R2, R3 and C3. With the values and configuration shown, IC1 works like a narrow pulse width square wave oscillator source,giving very short positive pulses at its output pin3. Note that, IC1 is used to drive a 10mm red LED (D5) in reverse (ie sinking) mode. Resistor R4 limits the current flow through D5 and hence, through IC1.

220V Flashing LED Circuit Schematic

220V power flashing led schematic

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