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    A compact and portable 12V solar power inverter circuit that will keep away darkness. This tried and tested design converts 12V DC from the storage battery of any solar power system to 230V AC that is enough to power a number of energy saving CFLs. Just feed 12V DC input through input jack J1 (with right polarity) and flip switch S1 to ON position!

    The solar powered inverter circuit, optimised for CFL loads, uses IC CD4047B (IC1) as a freerunning astable oscillator. Capacitor C2 and resistor R2 are timing components. The pulse repetition rate of IC1 is determined by the value of 4.4xC2xR2. IC1 generates cmplementary squarewave signals at its output pins 10 and 11. Power Mosfets T1 and T2 serve as drivers for the high-voltage generator,realised using step-up transformer (X1).

    Note that an ordinary (AC 230V to 12-0-12/5Amp) step-down transformer is here used for reverse function (step-up) and its output is available at AC mains outlet J2. You can light up two to four low wattage (ie 11W at AC 230V) ready-made Compact Flourescent Lamps (CFLs) using this portable solar power inverter circuit. Two small, independent heatsinks are necessary for T1 and T2. Finally, you can try an AC 230V to 9-0-9/5Amp rated transformer as X1.

    12V Solar Power Inverter Circuit Schematic

    12v solar power inverter circuit diagram

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    71 Responses to "Portable Solar Power Inverter"

    1. How can i adjust the output frequency of IC1?May i use a 470K preset in R2 postion?

    2. Why not?You can use a 470K Lin trimpot as R2 to vary & set The Fosc.Thanks for your feedback!

    3. what is the maximum power ouput watts?

    4. what is the cost estimated for designing this equipment

      • T.K.Hareendran says: on January 6, 2011 at 12:29 pm

        Approximately below INR150.00 excluding the cost of transformer X1.

      • ANAND KUMAR says: on March 12, 2015 at 5:35 pm

        sir i am a final year btech student and i m doing a project on the topic dual mode charging inverter…although I am strucked in between as the design is not a inverter but a simple dual mode battery charger only..i am mailing you the SYNOPSIS in which block diagram is given. pease help me..thanks

    5. I need some help regarding this project.


    7. DC 12V from any source can be used here.I prefer,a 12V SMF Battery charged through a solar power unit.

    8. then why it is so called as SOLAR POWER INVERTER?????????


    10. sir i want to make this project in my college…….put the working is not cleary mention in this thats why i need it…..

    11. Sir, I want to know why dc motor is being used?

    12. Sir, in case I fail to obtain CD4047, what is it’s equivalent?

    13. sreekanth reddy says: on June 11, 2011 at 10:37 am

      i am having anorganisation.. for inverters i want to meet u personally.. can u sen u r contact details to my mail.. this si my number.. +91-9966466459

    14. sir i have simple & supper musqitio replient.thanks

    15. please elobrate this ???????????

    16. sir
      what r the advantage and disadvantage??
      what r the limitation of this inverter?

      • In My opinion, the advantage is showing you what can be done with simple parts to make a useful conversion of sunlight to electricity higher then the value of the solar panel.
        The limitation is the power obtainable. Components have limitation. the design is simple but all circuits have limitations.

      • This is a very simple and straight forward circuit. However it might need some touch ups here and there for example, the output waveform is a square (one with lots of harmonics. It is advisable to play around with the waveform until you get something closer to a sine wave though its hard to achieve


      • unless you allready have the Laptop powersupply, I would say no. the output is too high to directly connect into a low voltage laptop. Better to convert solar panel voltage to proper voltage directly for laptop.

    18. sir can i use this inverter for laptop charger after converting 12v to 230v?

    19. if i cant obtain the mosfet IRFZ44, any other equivalent are there.

    20. maxwellalbert says: on July 1, 2012 at 1:42 pm

      very usefull

    21. hello sir,
      i want know more about (x1)transformer

    22. Sen K. Thomas says: on July 4, 2012 at 8:17 pm

      hello sir.
      Is it possible to club your solar charging ckt with portable solar inverter ckt ?
      May I know the cost as well as rating of solar panel and SMF battery used.


    24. i love reading others comment… can u please answer there question so i can continue reading??

      hope to work on it someday…
      i love eLectronics

    25. please tell me alternative of CD4047B

    26. sir,can we attatch a voltage regulater along with this circuit?i mean a 2 in 1 circuit

    27. sir,pls reply……what is the cost of the solar battery used here?

    28. an you please modify this circuit using a 6vinput?

    29. sir can we combine photodiodes in harnessing solar power .it is used to convert light to current .if so how can i combine it with ur ckt

    30. sir please give me synopsis repot
      my project is design of solar power inverter.

    31. sir please give me solar power inverter components and atlab ckt and pcb ckt and 12&24 &220volt my email id pe

    32. Dear Sir,

      Very simple effective diagram. I Have one doubt. How much output Maximum Watts?


    33. Some sound equipment will be noisy if driven by this inverter. The output is square. Check the spec sheet of the transistors to see the power that can be drawn W=IE but remember to give room for losses

    34. good afternoon, could someone please help me with the simulation of a multi-phase multilevel inverter inverter 3 stages, either in Matlab, Multisim, Proteus or PSIM .. Please reply The data are: 120V output Vrms Maximum power for a fourth engine hp The input voltage can be 24 or 40 or whatever it easier for the simulation Maximum current of 2A

    35. Please what will be the maximum power output?thanks

    36. 200W power is equal to 1/4 hp. help me please

    37. Builded. Working fine.
      The irfz’s need silk, and isolating.
      But Iam take 42 amps (from dc side), and 236V from transformer sekunder side.
      Using with solar panel (as a grid inverter).
      Job done.

    38. Thanks for the feedback!

    39. Sir, if i want to run a 150W, 220v fan by this inverter, what changing should we do in this circuit??
      Thanks for your help.

    40. if we put 1 11w cfl light at the output,what is the maximum time of burning?

    41. How will I get solar cell

    42. I like its so cool,but i have two question (1)how much
      watts does it put out? (2)for how long can it run?

      • Krokkenoster says: on September 15, 2013 at 9:38 pm

        It depends solely on the size of your battery and its state of charge You can only get a little less than what you put in . Put a thermal switch on your heat sink to prevent the “cooking” of your circuit You must just interrupt the power to the I.C. Your battery capacity is calculated normally OVER TWENTY HOURS for lead acid or car type batteries Gel type can deliver more current for the same package but they do not like to be standing completely discharge. Wet types that can be topped up do have a longer life amount of being charged and discharged cycles.

      • can i use hcf4047be instead of cd4047b

    43. gantadileepkumar says: on November 9, 2013 at 5:21 pm

      Dear sir,

      the circuit is very nice, I have a doubt that how to identify the phase and neutral terminals of the transformer,I would like to connect the system to my home through inverter wiring.

      Thanking you sir,

    44. Dear all,
      How can be calculate turns ratio of step up transformer 12 V- 220 V ,how can be decide the gauge of primary and secondary coil ,and how we decide the size of core? any body know, pls help me..

    45. dear sir
      I want a lot more information regarding the project and it would be very kind of you if you provide me a report on it because i want to implement the circuit and for this i need my teachers approval and this would only be possible if u provide me some more information about it.
      Thank you.

    46. Hi dear friend
      kindly I try to assembled this circuit for my college project but never I get reply from this circuit
      Please let me know if you done any change in this circuit to get result and if it possible please let me have the detail in my email.
      I would be appreciate if you can help me

    47. sir can you pls tell me what is the current rating of the step up transformer used 12/230 v. pls tell me more detail about that transformer. pls.

    48. hi sir

      i need a 1500 watts dc at ac 220v inverter can you tell me how i buy bkz i search in internet there are diffrent prises i don’t know witch is best and low cosat if you have any one send me links thanks

    49. Pls sir, can I use the dc to ac inventer only ?because I have no access to electricity at where I stays.

    50. For hobby to about solar panel Inverter

    51. Please I need a simple circuit that will
      delay my relay change over circuit to
      charge, to prevent current inrush because
      I used the same transformer for charging
      and it burns my fet went charge current
      come in. Please I really need it

    52. for which value of c2 , and c2 i get 50HZ

    53. Lonnie Lefeavers says: on June 25, 2014 at 10:16 am

      It’s hilarious! If your not familiar with (english) most Current Ratings. & not willing to give it a HOT test (with some flying debris protection). Then go to College ^ do the Math. All this is rated in current. If u have ocilliscope, fine tuneand mmilitary spec- your Resistor ay proper Variable. Then soldier Res. In.. no Vr save variable for Engineering. GO TO SCHOOL. Note: My LED Crystal was Stolen W-S NC. @FTCC Forsyth Tech.Vomm. College. And I am jobless (so) learn and keep ur invention’s From Chinese & Amy’s & Obama’s. Patent laws favor Thieves. Obama Law

    54. is it possible to use solar panel at our house terrace and connect it directly to electric grid? in that case what is the mininimum ratings and cost of the solar panel?

    55. Sir i want do a major project based on solar power utilisation mostly to convert n glow a bulb using solar panels plz suggest me ckt and cost

    56. Very interesting.what should i do to run a 60 watt ceiling fan of 230 vac, directly from solar panel using sunlight, w/o using battery. Can I modify & use the UPS of my desk top for the same.

    57. Sir,
      i tried this project but offently my MOSFET get burst. can you tell me ,why its happen ?? also suggest some idea for efficient circuit comletion


    58. Could you please tell me the input current required in this circuit. Also let me know what will be the output current of the inverter.

    59. SHAMBU S SHIDDAGIRI says: on August 20, 2015 at 9:57 am

      sir i have purchased all assembly pls i want know where to plug these IC MOSFFIT REGISTER AND ALL THE ASCIERIES iam fresher pls guide me

    60. SHAMBU S SHIDDAGIRI says: on August 20, 2015 at 9:59 am

      sir i have purchased all assembly pls i want know where to plug these IC MOSFFIT REGISTER AND ALL THE ASCIERIES iam fresher pls guide me now i readin your litrecture in electronics for you

    61. Sir may i know what is the function of the zener diode?

      • Dear Nirmala,

        When the voltage on the capacitor is less than the zener voltage, the zener diode is not conducting and so the voltage on the capacitor rises as in an RC circuit. When the voltage on the capacitor reach the Zener voltage then the diode start breakdown ant the voltage is clamped to this voltage.
        I hope this will help.

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