wind powered battery charger circuit schematic

Wind Powered Battery Charger

In this wind powered battery charger circuit the dc motor is used as a generator. The voltage output is proportional to its rpm. The LTC1042 monitors the voltage output and provides the following control function.

  1. if the voltage output is below 13.8V, the control circuit is active and the NiCad battery is charging through the LM334 current source. The lead-acid battery is not being charged.
  2. if the voltage output is between 13.8V and 15.1V, the 12V lead-acid battery is being charged at about 1-amp/hour rate (limited by the power FET).
  3. if generator voltage exceeds 15.1V (a condition caused by excessive wind speed or when the 12V battery is fully charged), the a fixed load is connected, which limits the generator rpm to prevent damage.

This wind powered charger can be used as a remote source of power where wind energy is plentiful, such as on sailboats or at remote radio repeater sites. Unlike solar-powered panels, this system will function in bad weather and at night.

Battery Charger Schematic using wind energy

wind powered battery charger circuit schematic


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  • naqib

    Hello,would you list up all the components for this project?

  • Faustino

    I think the admin of tis webssite is actually working hard in support of his website, as hewre every information is quality based material.

  • r

    what is LTC1042??

  • Electricsaver1200

    Thank you for showing the blue print, I really need this, I was planning on putting up wind turbine but not sure how the wiring goes so thank you for this information..

  • swapnil


  • swapnil


  • abomiral

    hello actually , i`ll do iphone charger using wind power the component that i `ve used are : (1)small fan ,( 1)stepper motor 12v,(2) bridge rectifir , (2)capcitor 100 micro farad ,voltage recgulator 7805, voltage divider usb port consist (100kohm,150kohm,50kohm,50kohm) i`ve bulit the circuit and the output voltage its ok 5v but the current is 10mA low should be 1A . how can improve the current to be 1A please can any one help me to solve this matter. kind regard

    • Jim Keith

      Stepper motors are well adapted as generators because they generate relatively high voltages at low speeds thus eliminating gearing. By using 2 phase full-wave rectification, the DC output has low ripple.

    • bhavya

      why did you use stepper motor? why not simple 12v DC motor? and please mail your circuit design on this e-mail id-

  • pragadeesan

    how this circuit changes for 1.5v output and 4 v requirement?

  • Bryan Donkin

    I am just starting to think about how to charge a leisure when camping. Any hints gratefully accepted.

  • V.Abhinav reddy

    wow! its GOOD can you give more information how this project can be implemented and what will be cost and how much time it will take for charging battery?how to change from the wind battery charger to wind powered 20 LED diode? what part should i change??can we implement this while travelling on a vehicle because we will get more amount of wind energy. Can we charge the battery of a vehicle using this

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