rain sound effects generator circuit schematic

Rain Sound Effects Generator Circuit

This rain sound effects generator circuit simulates the rain noise and may be used in the field of electronic music and radio shows.

As a noise source we use a germanium diode that is directly polarized then is amplifier by a single stage amplifier in order to obtain an acceptable audio level.

A high-pass filter with an adjustable lower limit, built with P1 and C3, allow coverage of the entire range of sound effects from light rain and to torrential rain.

The current consumption is low so you can use a 9V battery. Instead of BC107 you can use any NPN transistor.

Rain Sound Effects Circuit Schematic

rain sound effects generator circuit schematic


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  • Jurbise

    Hello !I do not work.Working it to anyone at all ???No signal,no sound!

  • AB95

    Hello …Thank you for this circuit, it is nice but i tried it on a read board but it didn’t produce any sound, I think you should reverse the diode.

  • Vapple

    Have you built this circuit? If so did it work?

    • Vapple

      Are the capacitors electrolytic? And what type of transistor would you use to amplify it enough to be heard?

    • P. Marian

      This is not a tested circuit but if the correct components and an additional audio amplifier are used then you will be able to hear the rain sound.

  • Vapple

    What germanium diode did you use?

  • Sujatha

    Dis is very interesting people got so many doubts,could u plz..clarify it.

  • sayed mohamad amin kazimi

    Can we use bc170 transistor as a bc107 transistor?

  • Yong

    OK. I make it but….
    It is not a DC 9 voltage but DC 12 voltage at least.
    The circuit generates extreme small sound even if it connect very large audio amp.
    It sound the small and similar to “TA TA TA TA TA..” with rapidly and large hum sound. I do not agree that it is the smooth-rain dropping-sound.
    Please NEVER make this one transistor circuit.
    It needs more complex circuit.

  • Yong

    It’s not working. Please tell me what is wrong.
    I have used these parts.
    – IN60P use as a DUG part.
    – BC337 use as a bipolar TR BC107 part.
    – The resistance is in 1%.
    – E/C in 20% (10uF).
    – The C3 (33nF) made by ‘chip ceramic conduct’ thru serial connection.
    – The ground connects DC9V battery and 8Ohm speaker.
    I could not hear any sound.

  • Yong

    Question about : Rain Sound Effects Circuit Schematic.
    I need more detail circuit.
    Q1: What is the capacitor of the C2?
    Q2: What is the meanning of the “DUG” ?
    Q3: What will be connected the output P1?


      Q1: I rectified the schematic (10µF)
      Q2: Germanium Diode, any kind
      Q3: it will be better to connect an audio amplifier.

  • ASuganya

    I am very happy to share these things with you. Its very interesting. I like your website mails like rain effect generator, wind sound effect generator.

    • Dan

      for a wind sound effect generator. use a 12v dc battery or wall wart, and an 80mm or 120mm computer fan on ebay. the higher the speed of the fan, the more noise it will make

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