sensitive fm radio tuner circuit schematic

Sensitive FM Radio Tuner Circuit

This sensitive FM radio tuner is the right circuit for hobbyists who want to build their own tuners instead of buying a “plug-n-play” finished product. The fm tuner circuit is designed with only 3 transistors. The amplification is around 40 dB. The first transistor works as an RF amplifier. The second transistor is the mixer.

The incoming signal is introduced into the base and the oscillator signal is coupled to the emitter. The third transistor is the oscillator. The coils are wind around 6 mm coil formers with a ferrite core. The best material for the coils is a silver coated copper wire since it is very easy to be tapped. The distance between the windings must be 0.8 mm.

FM radiosensitive fm radio tuner circuit schematic tuner circuit diagram


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  • Joe Perkins

    This circuit needs an IF strip and all the components needed can be located using I would recommend getting either a TBA120 or TDA1576. The former is low cost, the latter is high quality. You could, conceivably, create an entire IF strip using IF transformers still available from several companies. All be found either on,,, and/or One company makes a kit using nothing but IF transformers and no ICs at all and the manual can be found here:
    You can use two of the 42IF122 transformers from XICON to substitute for the ratio detector transformers.

  • Aurel

    I recognise everything but is very strange that almost
    all transistors have a same collector ,base ,emiter
    working resistors 3k9,390k …
    and in most cases are used two transistors
    so i need help if someone have …

    FM tuning stage with TWO transistors ( C9018)
    if you have let me know…

    send me email on:

  • Aurel

    Sorry people but i really doubt that this circuit work
    properly because i have never see before FM tuner stage
    with separate oscillator with such a strange parts.
    In most cases with portable FM front ends are used only
    two transistors .
    1.RF amplifier with tuning cap A section
    2.Osc/mixer with tuning cap B section

    FM tuning stage with TWO transistors ( C9018)
    if you have let me know…

    send me email on:

    • Adam

      RF amp (common emitter) – T1
      Local oscillator (Hartley) – T3
      Mixer – T2

      Its all fairly conventional stuff, what don’t you recognise? The transformers/coils?

  • kamal

    Any of you have a pcb layout for this tuner?


  • kamal

    Do all coils require ferrite core? because FM tuners normally use air cored coils
    Does anyone have idea


    • DJ Adam Eve

      No Kamal coils in professional receivers usually use ferrite cores, particularly for the intermediate frequency transformers (IFT) since they greatly increase the coupling between windings and allow for tuning in on the desired IF (10.7MHz for WBFM, 455kHz for NBFM usually).

      In the circuit above you could probably get away with a bifilar wound ferrite ring with the taps at suggested points for the input transformer (from the antenna). you MAY be able to get away with doing the same for the IFT, but it’ll be very difficult, especially since the circuit doesn’t give winding ratio. I would suggest you definitely need a 10.7MHz IF transformer, with the primary tuned by the internal capacitor.

      The other coils (Pre-Amp & Local Oscillator) are air core.

      However this is NOT a complete receiver circuit as shown; it needs IF filtering, IF amplification and demodulation.

  • DJ Adam Eve

    ANY receiver can be stereo, so long as it is sensative enough, has ample frequency reponse and is followed by a stereo DEcoder of some kind which detects the pilot tone and demodulates the L and R channels seperately. This circuit would be between the receiver and the audion section. Google stereo decoder circuit.

  • babak shirani

    we have a problem in Iran with Chip ICs of FM
    if you find iCs you can not find IF of Fm

    we have not SFE10.7MAM

    and many things else

    so best site for FM is here

  • Nikhil

    1. single frequency
    2. good sensitivity
    3. telescopic antenna
    4. PLL
    5. AC mains options
    6. line out.

    These type of iwnt
    Plz help me

  • jronel

    I think the circuit is just a normal front-end only. Meaning, RF, Mixer & OSC, that requires to feed into IF circuit in order

    to convert into unmodulated signal. There are designs that theres no IF circuit as seen on many webs, titled “one transistor

    FM tuner” and if we will compare this circuit to that, there are big differences. I have a big doubt on oscillator circuit

    too. R8 & C11 should be connected to ground in order to have a complete path I think. It’s just my opinion only, if any one

    built this circuit and it’s working well according to the designed, please let me know, thanks… ===jronelksa===

    Pinoy_Electronics Mod.

  • Luke

    This is the schematics that I search with a simple circuit, few, cheap, and easy to find the components in my country thank’s very munch

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