pir motion sensor switch circuit schematic

Security Light & Switch with PIR Sensor

Moderately priced Passive Infrared PIR Sensor modules are now widely available. By using these readymade and pre-configured PIR sensors, even an average electronics hobbyist can construct his/her own Motion Sensor Unit.
The one evening project presented here is based on a common and very popular PIR module SB0061, priced below $7.
Check out the updated version of this circuit.

SB0061 is a pyroelectric sensor module,developed for human body detection. A PIR detector combined with a fresnel lens are mounted on a compact size PCB together with an analog IC (SB0061) and limited components to form the module. High level output (3.3V) of pre-settable variable width (5Secs -18 Minutes) is provided.

Circuit diagram of the PIR Motion Sensor Light and Switch based on SB0061 shown here can be used for security or corridor lighting in power saving mode. The 12V DC supply required for the whole circuit can be fed from any standard 12V ac mains adaptor/battery.

Working of the circuit is simple and straight forward. When any movement is detected within near 5-6 metres, around 3.3 Volt is appeared at the base of Transistor T1 and it conducts to fire the next relay driver transistor T2. As a result, the 12V DPDT relay is energised to power the White LED through current limiting resistor R3. Spare relay contacts can be used as a switch to control any suitable external load. The white LED and the relay remains ON for a duration based on the mono time setting in SB0061, ie from 5 Secs to 18 Minutes.

PIR Motion Sensor Circuit Schematic

pir motion sensor switch circuit schematic


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  • tejinder

    Sir there is problem when I using this circuit . it is not working for me. When I touch 3 port or 2,7 resistance its gets on the relay when I touch watch it off.but when I connect my port module its never gets on help me sir

  • Rameez

    I would like to know whether I can make a simple pir switch for turning on light in my room.
    suggest me any sites or kindly give me a circuit schematic for that

  • Gaurav Sharma

    hello sir
    Mai Gaurav Sharma
    sir mujhe college mai project submit karana hai….mera project hai modern class room..jisme mai PIR sensor use karke tubelight ko automatic ON/OFF control karna chahta hu……to kya sir mai iss PIR sensor ko directly college ki AC supply mai connect karke operate kar skta hu …..agar nhi to please mujhe batae ki mai kaise karu or agar mai directly apke iss circuit se operate kara skta hu to app mujhe ye circuit kitne mai doge…..i would like to purchase it.

  • Sivaprakash .T.


  • daniel francisco

    Where can i buy SB0061 PIR module here in the philippines? How much?

  • Bob Tepper

    It is very helpfull. Thank you

  • Bob Tepper

    Can you help me I would like a motion sensor circuit for to turn on a 5volt fan and led also another red led to show low voltage on my 5volt battery. Thank you bob

  • chemkid2011

    Sir can we modify this circuit in to an automatic door opener ciruit by decreasing the value of the preset ??

  • Zyxel

    The circuit is now working to me thanks! :D.

  • ZyxeL

    is SB00622A-2 can be a replacement for SB0061?
    and can i use LMR2-12D relay?

    • Zyxel

      Its not working to me and i dont know where to connect the load pins in the SB00622A-2. The led is not turning on and when i remove the no. 3 pin of the PIR on the ground the led is turning on. I dont know whats the problem :(.

      Im Using T1 and T2 is BC547B.
      D2 is 1n4002.

    • Jim Keith

      Simply experiment with the relay on the bench–apply 12V to the coil and observe contact operation with a continuity checker or ohmmeter. A 9V battery, LED and series resistor will perform the function of a continuity checker–this simple exercise will teach you much and increase your confidence.

      Also view the updated circuit.

    • Zyxel

      Thanks for the reply, is it okay not to connect the Load – and + of SB00622A-2? And my only problem Is i dont know how to connect the LMR2-12D relay cause the schematic of the LMR2-12D is different in the schematic of the relay in the above circuit.

    • Jim Keith

      The SB00622A-2 appears to be a replacement.

      Most 12V relays will work OK.

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