Top 10 Electronic Circuits August 2010

It’s time for the Top 10 Electronic Circuits for August 2010.
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August 2010 Top 10 Electronic Projects & Circuits

  1. DIY alarm light gate
    This infrared alarm barrier can be used to detect persons passing through doorways, corridors and small gates. The transmitter emits a beam of infrared light which is invisible to the human eye. The buzzer at the output of the receiver is activated when the light beam is interrupted by a person passing through it.
  2. Led night lamp
    The design of the LED night lamp circuit (bedroom light) is similar to that of many commercially available products. However, the light circuit does not use any kind of bulky and noisy stepdown transformers, but a capacitive potential divider is inserted in a simple manner to provide a constant current for driving the light source. Here a high-efficiency, low current blue LED is used as the light source. The design is safe, simple and stable!
  3. 6v to 12v converter
    Here are some of 6v to 12v converter circuits that can be used to convert a small voltage of about 6 volts to a higher voltage of 12 volts but ofcourse with a lower current rating.
  4. Locker Alarm
    The locker alarm circuit or cashbox watcher can be used to protect a cashbox/locker from unauthorised access. This tried and tested design forms a fool-proof,remotely operated alarm/electromagnetic relay driver that receives its control signal from a standard reed switch. The circuit works off a 12V dc power supply.
  5. 12v transformerless power supply
    This 12 Volts transformerless power supply take advantage of the fact that a Zener diode is also a normal diode that conducts current in the forward direction.
  6. Motion detector alarm
    This motion detector alarm circuit can detect a moving person from a distance of 1 meter. It uses a Dual IR Transmitter-Receiver module HOA1405.When the sensor detects the reflected IR rays, Alarm will sound for 2 minutes. The circuit can be modified for various applications including AC operated alarm systems.
  7. DIY fm transmitter
    Here are some DIY FM Transmitter circuits that we have been published on This do-it-yourself fm transmitters are pretty easy to build and will give you a good feeling when you’ll hear the music on the radio receiver :).
  8. Cable tv amplifier
    This cable tv amplifier circuit is a rf-amplifier designed to be quickly installed between two coaxial cables. Both input and output impedances are compatible with 75 Ω cables.
    The main amplifier si T1 transistor, T2 is working as an emitter follower. The feedback bias is determined by R3 and R4. The total gain of this tv cable amplifier is 22dB.
  9. S-video to RCA
    The S Video to RCA cable is sometime hard to find and the adapter is almost every time too short. I’ve searched at my local store and haven’t found any. So I’ve decided to search on google and found some useful sites so is easy to make on your own SVideo to RCA adapter with almost no external components except of course the RCA jacks and the S Video.
  10. Capacitor power supply
    One of the major problems that is to be solved in an electronic circuit design is the production of low voltage DC power supply from Mains to power the circuit. The conventional method is the use of a step-down transformer to reduce the 230 V AC to a desired level of low voltage AC. The most simple, space saving and low cost method is the use of a Voltage Dropping Capacitor in series with the phase line.


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