Top 10 Electronic Circuits July 2010

It’s time for the Top 10 Electronic Circuits for July 2010. We are sorry for the delay.
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July 2010 Top 10 Electronic Projects & Circuits

  1. Solar animal repellent
    Here is a solar powered Flasher to scare away the nocturnal animals like bats and cats from the farm yard or premises of the house. The brilliant multicolored flashes confuse these animals and they avoid the hostile situation. It is fully automatic, turns on in the evening and turns off in the morning.
  2. Solar charging circuit
    Here is a solar charger circuit to charge Lead Acid or Ni-Cd batteries using solar energy. The circuit harvests solar energy to charge a 6 volt 4.5 Ah rechargeable battery for various applications. The charger has Voltage and Current regulation and Over voltage cut off facilities.
  3. Remote tester
    This simple remote tester can be a good tool to check whether a remote hand set is working or not. It uses the commonly available IR sensor TSOP 1738.The IR sensor has a PIN photodiode and an FET signal amplifier enclosed in an Epoxy case.
  4. Bike Guard
    This Simple circuit can be used to Guard your bike from theft. It gives a loud alarm tone if somebody tries to start the bike. The alarm disables only when the hide switch S2 is opened. The circuit has little component count and can be easily fixed in the bike.
  5. Fishing thermometer
    This simple to construct water fishing thermometer circuit is intended to be used in sports applications like for example a fishing contest. A sensor measures the water temperature at a certain depth. A scale made of 16 LEDs shows the water temperature. With the knowledge about water temperatures and what types of fishes prefer what temperature, the fisherman can select the right bait.
  6. Low power fm transmitter
    This low power fm transmitter is designed to use an input from another sound source and transmits on the commercial FM band. This low power fm radio transmitter it is actually quite powerful…
  7. Long range fm transmitter
    This is very stable, harmonic free, long range fm transmitter circuit which can be used for fm frequencies between 88 and 108 MHz. It has a very stable oscillator because you use LM7809 stabilizer which is a 9V stabilized power supply for T1 transistor and for frequency adjustment that can be achieved by using the 10K linear potentiometer.
  8. Ultrasonic pest repeller
    There are many ultrasonic pest repellers available on the market but a major drawback is that their power output is low and their effectiveness suffers. The electronic pest repeller generates powerful ultrasonic signals to repel pests.
  9. Logic probe tester
    Logic testers are simple but very helpful devices in testing digital circuits. A logic probe can be designed in many different ways. In this particular design, a combination of discrete and TTL logic components is applied to test different logic levels. This logic tester can test and display three different logic levels: the “0″ and the “1″ levels including the undefined logic state also known as “never mind”.
  10. APR9301 voice recorder
    APR9301 is a single chip Voice recorder and Playback device for 20 to 30 seconds voice recording and play back. It is an ideal IC for automatic answering machine, door phones etc. This IC has data storage capacity and requires no software and microcontroller. It provides high quality voice recording and play back up to 30 seconds.

BONUS + 1 circuit from the top

Soil moisture tester
For those of us who don’t like to get their hands dirty, this simple soil moisture tester quickly checks the state of their plants and how much attention they need. Recommended for all plant owners!

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