ldr ac voltage stabilizer

Voltage Stabilizer Circuit with LDR (Photoresistor)

This is a very interesting a.c. voltage stabilizer that uses a LDR or photoresistor to stabilize an alternating current (AC).
If the voltage increases then the brightness of the light bulb increases too and the LDR’s resistance will decrease. If the potentiometer is properly adjusted then the AC voltage will stay constant.

The optimal adjustment of potentiometer is done experimental, feeding the circuit with a variable ratio transformer, which can simulate variations of voltage network.

LDR voltage stabilizer circuit schematic

ldr ac voltage stabilizer


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  • vadoud

    hi the electro nics today all people need it thank u from u ateneino from iran

  • Chinmoy Mitra

    Very right! Just criticising without an active and constructive participation shows a low level mentality. Saying “this is not new” is irrelevant, since 99% of circuits are “not new”. We are all free to post circuits here, but if somebody more intelligent like Sivanand has an alternative circuit which is simpler, he should post it for the benefit of all. I hope Sivanand will realize his mistake.

  • T.K.Hareendran

    I wonder what is wrong with the inclusion of this interesting circuit!Such simple circuits can spark the visitor’s imagination and trigger his/her creative thinking.I think,the main aim of electroschematics is to provide the visitors simple and useful practical applications with easy to build circuits.Keep up the good work.

  • Sivanand

    This is not new..a similar approach using an opto isolator works well with high efficiency & small size & cost..


      Hi, Sivanand this is not new, I know that. I see you comment often on and almost everytime you bring critics to the posted circuits. That means you know a lot about electronics so I am asking you kindly to consider my request and become an active author on and start publishing your own ideas and concepts.