outdoor garden solar lights

Outdoor Garden Solar Lights Circuit

This Outdoor LED Solar Garden Lights project is a hobby circuit of an automatic garden light using a LDR and 6V/5W solar panel. During day time, the internal rechargeable 6 Volt SLA battery receives charging current from the connected solar panel through polariy protection diode D9 and current limiting resistor R10. If ambient light is normal, transistor T1 is reverse biased by IC1 (LM555).

LED Solar Lights Circuit Schematic

outdoor garden solar lights circuit schematic

Here IC1 is wired as a medium current inverting line driver, switched by an encapsulated light detector (10mm LDR). Multi-turn trimpot P1 sets the detection sensitivity. When ambient light dims,transistor T1 turns on to drive the white LED string (D1-D8). Now this lamp load at the output of T1 energises. Resistors R1-R8 limits the operating current of the LEDs. When the ambient light level restores, circuit returns to its idle state and light(s) switched off by the circuit.

Assemble the Outdoor Solar Lights circuit on a general purpose PCB and enclose the whole assembly in a transparent plastic box. Drill suitable holes on the top of the encloure to mount the mini solar panel (SP1) and the light sensor (LDR), and in front for fitting power switch (S1) and the sensitivity controller (P1).

Fix the battery inside the cabinet using a double-sided glue tape/pad. Finally, the LDR should not be mounted to receive direct sunlight. It must be mounted at the top of the enclosure, pointing to the sky say southwards. This circuit is very simple. So interested and experienced hobbyists can alter/modify the whole circuit as per their own ideas without any difficulty (Just try a 6V relay with T1 to drive more number of LED strings)


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  • Craigie78

    Anyone there????

    • T.K.Hareendran

      The circuit diagram included here is self-explanatory to some extent. So just follow it carefully to build your own prototype.

  • Craigie78

    Hi, I want to do this project. Can you send me a list of materials and a full method of making it please. I am just starting out in electronics.

  • khatijah5650gmail-com

    Hello. If you dont mind,could i have the list of material for this project?? I am really need this for my upcoming project.Thank you.

  • Saif Sheikh

    Sir i want thesis of these project can you provide it ?

  • maura

    Dear sir

    we prepare this circuit by using NE 555 IC Then the LDR not properly work

    please send me sugetion

  • Steven_T

    Hello Sir,

    I like this circuit design and would like to use it to charge 4.8 Volt NiCD batteries. What modifications would I need to make to the circuit and will it prevent overcharge?
    Thank you!

  • ANAM

    please can you tell me, before did PCB can I test by brad board
    How it will work.

  • Rorry J

    Is the Timer 555(IC1) in astable or monostable mode in this particular schematic ?

    – Thanks in advance.

  • moses

    Hello, I am interested in this project but I need some modification. I want the LED to be 15 for a lighting point and two lighting points is required. pls I need to hear from you ASAP

  • Rorry J

    Hello! Can someone tell me something more about current limiting resistor R10. I searched in the internet about limiting resistors but i didnt find any usefull information. Can somebody please tell more about limiting resistors or more about the limiting resistor in the schematic.

    P.S: I think that this limiting resistor is protecting the solar panel battery from overcharging ? Prove wrong if I am.

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