sound generator circuit schematic

Sound Generator: The Old West Sounds

This sound generator circuit will produce 6 sound effects from the old west and it shows how far integration can be taken: IC1, a Type HT82207 from Holtek does virtually everything. Only a (small) loudspeaker and the necessary selectors need to be added.

The standard 18-pin Type HT82207 is an integrated sound generator, producing sounds typical of the Old West. The various sounds are selected by S1 – S6 as listed below. In the quiescent state, the circuit draws a current not exceeding 1 µA.

Sound Effects

  • S1 – bugle
  • S2 – neighing
  • S3 – sound of hooves
  • S4 – pistol shot
  • S5 – crack of a rifle
  • S6 – cannon fire

Sent by Ian Polivici

Sound Generator circuit diagram

sound generator circuit schematic

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