electronic mosquito repellent

Electronic Mosquito Repellent Circuit

This electronic mosquito repellent circuit is easy to build but is kind of hard to adjust on the exact sound frequency which will reppel the mosquitoes. With frequencies between 2 KHz and 2.5 KHz which mimic male mosquitoes buzz, it seems you can get the best effect.

Mosquitoes Repellent Circuit Diagram

electronic mosquito repellent circuit diagram

But sometimes you may need to readjust the potentiometer so the freq. be as high as 10 KHz. Anyway, the fact is that you may need to make a lot of experiments until get the best result. You can read this article about insects and how do they react to ultrasounds – Ultrasound and Insects.

You may add an audio amplifier but don’t forget to connect the small filter (damper) between the electronic mosquito repellent and the amplifier.


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  • qlue

    This is a ‘common’ circuit from thirty to forty years ago using a unijunction transister. Very simple circuit but unijunction transisters are often hard to get now since they’re practically obsolete. Wouldn’t it be better to use a cmos circuit?

  • Srinath

    Hey ED can you give me a detailed and labelled diagram of this diagram…
    Being a novice in electronics no vast idea of diagram stuff….
    Pls help me…

  • Ed

    May as well eliminate this comment section,, no one replies anyway.

  • Ed

    Hi!,, I assume the symbol for thee “8 ohm” in the diagram represents a “buzzer” or speaker???? I post ,,what I think are intelligent questions here all the time but never get an answer, is this a legitiment site cause I have really enjoyed the post’s just the lack of response, leaves me baffeled?

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