flashing light circuit diagram

Flashing Light Circuit with Transistors

This simple flashing light circuit is powered with 6 volts/0.5A and has a low current consumption when the light bulb is off. The flashing frequency is set by only one capacitor. Transistor T1 may be replaced with BC160 and T2 with BC140.

Simple Flashing Light Circuit Diagram

flashing light circuit diagram


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  • Ponytail

    A random light display can be made with 4 [or more] mulivibrator circuits with different timing, using 50uf to 250 caoacitors. The outputs of these can be fed to 9 or more diode AND GATE circuits in different configurations to produce a totally random diplay. The effect is very pleasing to the eye. Mine was made using transistors throughout. I used a power supply to run 6 Volt 0.3A M.E.S. bulbs in holders. It has been used every Xmas since the year 2000, and still works well.

  • Andrew

    I have another question for you… Is it possible to make the circuit switchable Off – Flash – Continuous? As the frequency is controlled by the capacitor could I put a switch in that area (i.e. select between effectively zero and infinite capacitance, as well as 10uF)?

  • Andrew

    Thanks for the circuit. The capacitor symbol is unusual – is it polarised or not, and if so which end is which?

    I plan to use the circuit in a bike dynamo & battery charger circuit.

  • jahan

    thx from your circuit.

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