automatic light switch negative chassis ground

Automatic Parking Light Switch Circuit

This automatic park light switch with LDR automatically turn ON the light when the surrounding light dims to a preset level. The first circuit diagram is an NPN design intended for negative grounded chassis. The second diagram is the PNP version intended for a positive grounded chasis.

The dim level at which the circuit activates is set through the potentiometer P1.
The printed circuit board layout can be used for both the negative and positive polarity chassis. Take note that the transistors and different for each chassis type. The connectors labeled in the parts placement diagram have the following connections:
P = Power live of the car
C = Car chassis
B = Park light bulb

Automatic Park Light Switch Positive Ground

automatic light switch positive chassis ground

Automatic Park Light Switch Negative Ground

automatic parking light switch negative chassis ground

Parts Placement
automatic light switch parts

Printed Circuit Board Layout
automatic light switch pcb

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