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    Here is a High power White LED lamp circuit that gives ample light in a room. It is an energy saving lamp and consumes very little power to give sufficient light. The lamp is directly powered from AC hence it is compact and easy to fix inside the switch board box.

    The Power LED Lamp circuit uses 1 Watt White LED as the light source. Luxeon type high watt LEDs are now available. It is rated 3.6 volts and consumes maximum 350 milli amperes current. To get sufficient brightness of the LED, more than 200 mA current is required. The AC power is dropped by three 105K (1uF) AC capacitors to low voltage AC. Three capacitors (C1through C3) are connected in parallel to increase current so around 210 mA current will be available.

    The low volt AC is then rectified by the bridge comprising D1 through D4 and made ripple free by C4. Since the LED voltage is 3.6 V, Zener diode is used to regulate the DC to a safer level. Capacitor C5 act as a buffer to store current to give maximum brightness to the LED. Resistor R1 removes stored current from the AC capacitors when the circuit is unplugged and resistor R2 protects the circuit from transients and inrush current.

    Power LED Lamp Circuit diagram

    Power LED Lamp Circuit diagram

    1 Watt Power LED

    Caution: It is important to note that this circuit can give a lethal shock if handled carelessly. Most points are at mains potential, so that take utmost care while handling. Do not construct this if you are not experienced in handling AC circuits. Do not troubleshoot or test when it is connected to mains.

    attentionThe author D Mohankumar is not an active member anymore. Please take into consideration that the presented information might not be correct.
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    65 Responses to "Power LED Lamp"

    1. Unwanted components R3, R4 & Zener, increases power wastage reduce the value capacitive reactance (c1,C2&C3) to limit current, C4 is not needed, reduce C to 100MFD/10Volts add a MOV at the input mains side !!! a small mobile charger 5volt /1 amp will do the job more efficiently with better mains regulation !!!

    2. Out put from the bridge rectifier is around 15 volt DC. Without a zener and resistor, LED will burn out at power on. Its maximum voltage is 3.6 volts and current 350 mA.

      • Sir,

        Concerning the “Power LED Lamp”; the 100R resistor (R3)between C4 (220 mF / 50v)and ZD (4.7 v / 1W)gets very hot and burns after a few seconds, although the Power LED glows. What may be the reason? Thank you.

      • Amit dua says: on August 5, 2012 at 9:17 pm

        Dear Sir,
        The circuit is Good i am Working on it from last 2 ~ 3 Month .
        This is Dimmable type circuit when the voltage fluctuate lumen will also.
        Also i want to know what will be the life of this type of circuit .
        Will this circuit able to tackles high class fluctuation

      • Same problem here !!
        100 hom resister burning after few seconds .. Please help me .

      • Sir can I connect led in multiple times up to make led of 10 w

    3. Electronic designs are meant to understand the working of components . If we use ready made things, then there is nothing to learn. An LED can be powered from a battery or Adapter without knowing how it is glowing

    4. Yahoo !! Yahoo!!!! Who said that- transformerless power supply cann’t provide more than 100mA current within less cost !! This circuit is providing 250mA current . Sir, you have made it successfully . Thanks for your excellent invention . You are really outstanding .

      – Again thanks a lot

      – Neon

    5. We can increase current to 500 mA with 505 K capacitor. As a rule each 1 uF will give around 75mA current.

      • vineesh says: on May 22, 2012 at 12:15 pm

        we cannot increase the current with same ckt by simply changing the capacitor value. 1W resistor will get heat and burn after a few minutes. even 2 watt resistor also have the same effect. zener life will be very short and 220uf/50v cap wont survive long time. pls re design the ckt .

    6. ooppsss!!!!! 500mA !!! You mean C1, C2 & C3 – Each of them should be 505K . Sir, Thanks again for improved idea .

      – Neon

    7. The LED itself will clamp the output volts to its forward drop since the current is limited by C1,C2 & C3…moreover thr will be enormous high inrush current if u increase C1,C2 & C3 afterall for a capacitive reactance circuit the current leads the applied voltage by 90°. the power dissipation in 100 Ohms wil also increase..U won’t find such cheap and dangerous circuits commercially(non isolated) powering costly white LED’s,a short across C1,C2 or C3 or any transient is enough to blow the whole circuit and the LED.Current trend is to use small SMPS

    8. how much will be the current, if i use one capacitor instead of 3?

    9. The LED requirs minimum 300 mA.iF you use one capacitor only 100 mA will be available.So the LED will not glow

    10. Guys… if i would want to use a 3W or 6W LED module… what should change in this circuit. I am not a electronic expert … so please excuse if this is a dumb Q….:)

    11. you can use 3 watt/6watt led.See the brightness. If it is low add one more 105k capacitor

      • Tabrez shariff says: on February 25, 2012 at 6:04 pm

        Dear sir,
        I need one circuit of 220v input I want to drive 1 watt three and five led. kindly send the circuit diagram to mail please. I dont have electronic knowledge so please send exactly the component. Thanks in advance.

      • balavant gadhavi says: on November 12, 2014 at 10:01 pm

        Power led available so contact numbers sand

    12. Thanks for your circuit for high power LED.I want to know what will be the cost of 1W,3W and 5W LED with heat sink.Are they available freely in city like Ahmedabad ?

      Mohit Parikh

      • arulmurugan says: on February 11, 2012 at 8:27 am

        yesterday i bought 1 watt led 4 pcs each pcs rs 25 at chennai market for whole project u need 70 to 80rps.this cost according to chennai market 3and6watt led not available in chennai market.if u buy 100pcs cost will reduce.mr.mohan gave good invention for all hatts off for all his projects

      • it cost Rs 4 in whole sale and 5-6 in loose mkt in kolkata.

    13. thanks for ur circuit pls give me the circuit for multiple no of 1 watt led & 5 watts

    14. HI D.Mohankumar,

      What is the voltage at LED point and if without LED will it burn the R2 resistor?

    15. At LED point, there will be around 4.7 volts due to zener regulation and around 300 mA current. Use a 10 Ohms 1 Watt resistor as LED series resistor

    16. please post some projects related to logic gates !!
      like combination lock etc..

    17. Hi D.Mohankumar,

      If want to drop the volts to 3.7v ~ 3.8v from 4.7volts, need to change other parts?
      Because i bought 1watt LED at this value, forward current 350mA – 700mA.

    18. After 3.1 volt Zener, the next value is 4.7 volts. Use 4.7 volt Zener. Increase the value of R3 to 560 Ohms and use 10 ohms 1 watt resistor as R4.

      • How are U I wondering If U can Help me I got for Computer fan 12VDC 0.08+ – mA but I have 40vdc P Supply and I want to make this 40 vdc work with the 4 Fan 12 vdc and LED VU meter with the IC LM 3915n just 12vdc I just need it make work can U please have any idea about any Diagram schematic multiple volts with only one Transform 120vac 2×25 vac 250watt 2.5 amp ok let me know Email eddy2002vila@yahoo.com Thanks ED

      • Dear Sir,

        I have a circuit consisting of 12 LEDs driven by 48v and 20mA. I need to use this lights to switch on automatically during night. So I request your kind self to provide me a circuit to switch on the lights by using either relay or preferably transistor. i do not want to use any additional power supply.

        Thanks in advance.

    19. can i use 3 watt led in this diagrm

    20. how to use two bright led to increase more ilumination and what’s the changes i have to do for this and also can i use two bright led in parallel for the my two room as a night lamp

    21. can u please provide me a circuit diagram tomake a tubelight by using bright led

    22. Sir what changes should i make to the circuit if i want 5 or 6 1 watt led of the same 350-750ma rating in a series +-+-+-……`

    23. Respected Sir,
      I have made this circuit,it is working good & is very stable. I want to make the circuit with four 1W LED to make it more brighter to use as a reading lamp.Please advice me,What changes should be done in the circuit?
      Thanking You.

    24. Erick Nava Aldana says: on November 25, 2011 at 9:21 pm

      Could be adapted to use 110ac, and maybe more than one led?.


    25. dear sir, can u give the circuit for 10 power led’s ac circuit diagram . kindly please reply me sir . and it is very helpful for me, if u give the details.

    26. Can i make an 220V ac operated LED lights as replacement for my 6OW incandescent bulbs by using 100-120pcs of smd LED’s in 60 x2 strings.Each led Vf 3.2V, If 20mA ,reverse voltage 5V.
      Suggest a suitable circuit which can take care of voltage fluctuations in our country and also have a good power factor

      • Good day Mr Arun,

        Did you received any circuit for your LED light. I also wanted to make one for my room, if you have one please share email to me the circuit (ysl393@yahoo.com.sg).
        Thanks in advance.

    27. sir,
      Can u plz tell me that what can i do for brightness of 3 led of 1 watt…..
      And is it possible to use 1 capacitor instead of 3???

    28. what if i use R2 AND R3=1K ? would it decrease the current from the required level?

    29. Good day Sir,

      I am interested in making LED light for my house replacing 40W Flourescent Tube, 220volt input (need equal brightness). Can someone please email the circuit to me, I am not any Electrical Engineer.
      Thank you in Advance

    30. S. UDAYAKUMAR says: on June 29, 2012 at 4:47 pm

      Dear Sir,
      I am searching for a power led circuit. Now I got it. But I didn’t do it, even if I think it is use ful to me. One more thing sir comparitievely power led’s are costly. So please do a circuit in the edition with orrdinary led light with max. brightness without any damage to the Led. Udayan

    31. I need one circuit of 230v input. I want to drive 1 watt 12 and 24 led. kindly send the circuit diagram to mail please.

    32. Is there a layout board for making this circuit?

    33. Can u plz tell me that what can use in 24V/8W led lighting ?

    34. As some people stated above, I am also interested in making LED light which can replace 40W Flourescent Tube, 220volt input with equal brightness. Can someone please email the circuit to me.

      Thank you in Advance

    35. Hi Mr. Mohankumar, sorry in advance because my elctronic knowlwdge is less than basic, my question is: how must i calculate resistor and capacitor values to use your circuit in a 100-120V AC mains environment?, thanks in advance for your answer.

    36. thanks to all
      As some people stated above, I am also interested in making LED light which can replace 40W Flourescent Tube, 220volt input with equal brightness. Can someone please email the circuit to me.
      Thank you in Advance plmail me on shekharmirajkar@gmail.com

    37. Dear Sir,

      iam working with led lamp designing can you send me the battery charging circuit, 12V 7ah batery and its circuit description sir.

    38. dada, can you please give me a modified circuit for input 110v AC to power 2(1Wx2) led. thanks for sharing. your are a great help. tnx.

    39. Dear Sir,
      i want bright 220v led light circuit diagram in low cost.please help me

      with best regards

    40. hi . for 28 powerleds and more ( 100 ) this circuit its ok? email for me pleas cicuit for 28 or more powerleds.my power leds it s 1 watt

    41. thanks to all
      As some people stated above, I am also interested in making LED light which can replace 40W Flourescent Tube, 220volt input with equal brightness simple circuit as above. Can someone please email the circuit to me.
      Thank you in Advance pl mail me on amsonoflord@gmail.com

    42. Dear mr mohan kumar

      could you please send me 3w (equal to 40w bulb brightness) 6w (equal to 60w bulb brightness) and 9w {equal to 100w bulb brightness) or any equivalent and simple as your above circuit to my mail Id amsonoflord@gmail.com Thank you amson oflord

    43. Thanks to all
      As some people stated above, I am also interested in making LED light which can replace 40W Flourescent Tube, 220volt input with equal brightness simple circuit as above. Can someone please email the circuit to me.
      Thank you in Advance pl mail me on srishan.eee@gmail.com

    44. As some people stated above, I am also interested in making LED light which can replace 40W Flourescent Tube, 220volt input with equal brightness. Can someone please email the circuit to me.
      Thank you in Advance

    45. I tride to follow the circuit diagram but i’m getting 220V after the rectifier … where could be the problem?

      • Jaspreet says: on October 7, 2014 at 7:09 pm

        I do not think there is any problem. The C1 capacitor in series gives constant current because of its high reactance. Without load these non isolating circuits will have almost same vout as vin. Thats why they are dangerous and care should be taken while working with them.

    46. Thanks to all
      please help me for design circuit led power supply 150w 12v 12.5 A

    47. sir ji 1 watt ya 3watt power led transformerless circuits mere ko send kar dijiye

    48. Can anyone kindly explain how to arrive at value of R3.

      • In a transformer power supply, R3 acts as a current limiting resistor to protect the zener from operating above its rated power. In a capacitive power supply, current is determined by the voltage of the load and the total impedance of R1, R2, C1, C2 and C3, and the inclusion of R3 is redundant and should be removed.

        This circuit will roughly deliver 200mA current. Depending on the specification of the LED chosen, a 1W white LED will consume 285mA current at an applied voltage of 3.5V. That means the LED in this circuit will actually consume all the available 200mA current, leaving apparently no current for the zener that in fact not conducting at all. The zener diode is needed to bypass the surplus current only if the current supplied by the circuit is more than the white LED can consume. In short, the zener diode is also unnecessary in this particular circuit. If ZD is removed, C4, C5 and R4 can be removed as well. In this case, the LED is runnung under pulsating sine-wave DC current; and steady DC current is preferred for lighting LED.

        To keep the same circuit (R3 should be removed) so that the LED will operate under a steadier DC current, the combined value of C1-C3 must be big enough to supply an average current greater than 285mA. Connect two 2.2uF 400V (or higher) metallized film capacitors in place of C1-C3, the circuit is LIKELY to operate as designed. Change the value of the zener and/or adjust the value of R4 to match the specification of the LED used.

        Example 1: If the LED used is 1W @3.5V (286mA), and zener is 4.7V as shown in the circuit, R4 = (4.7 – 3.5) /0.286 = 4.2Ω.

        Example 1: If the LED used is 1W @3.3V (303mA), and zener is 4.7V as shown in the circuit, R4 = (4.7 – 3.3) /0.303 = 4.62Ω.

        Pick a resistor as close to the calculated value as possible.

        Example 3: Same LED as in example 1, and 3.5V zener used. R4 is not necessary.

    49. if Zener fails in above circuit how much current is flow to led?
      And another question is R2 and R3 resistors are heating very much. what is the solution for that?

    50. hi i need a circute for car when we lock the car, headlight should light for 30sec and when i unlock also the same should happen and it should happen only when there is low light is it possible ?

    51. Dear Sir ,

      i would like to build 9 LEDs in Series ( 60 to 140 ma current ) in 220v AC mains , could you help me to modify it.


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