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  • This audio frequency generator is a triggered signal generator. When a positive pulse of about 6 volts (minimum) is fed to the circuits input , a modulated audio signal comes out of the output. The signal pattern is similar to a bird’s chirp. The pulse width of the trigger signal must be a minimum of 2.5 miliseconds. The voltage supply is between 9 volts and 20 volts.
    The circuit consumes about 2 mA or less. If the circuit is apllied as a morse code signal generator, replace C1 with a 0.1 μF capacitor.

    Audio frequency generator circuit diagram

    audio frequency generator schematic

    Audio generator PCB layout

    audio generator pcb layout

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    2 Responses to "Audio Frequency Generator Circuit"

    1. thanks i leared much about your program

    2. i have made this audio frquency generator in my minor project 1. will it required 3v to conduct?
      2. how can i gave it pulse input?
      please reply quicker because i have to submitt it tommorrow.

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