Zipcharge Quick Charger

Why you may need a zipcharge quick charger? With so many devices around these days, making sure they have enough juice to run on is essential wherever we go. The Zipcharge Quick Charger aims to help you out with that, where it comes in the form of a rechargeable power stick that takes a mere 15 minutes of charging to provide your iPod with another 20 hours of audio playback, while you get 10 more hours of talk time.

Now, these are all theoretical figures, so you might want to take it with a pinch of salt. How about a 60 second charge that offers 2 hours of playback on your iPod?

Charging the sleek ZipCharge for a paltry 15 minutes will store enough oomph to give your iPod an extra 20 hours of playtime or your mobile phone an additional 10 hours of talk time. If you’re in a pant-trippingly awful rush, a 60 second charge whooshes in sufficient juice to power an iPod for 2 hours, a mobile phone for 8 hours, 2 Way Radio for 1 hour 20 mins or a camera for 80 photos.

zipcharge charger

So how does it work? Not being particularly spammy of head, we’re not entirely sure, but it’s got something to do with clever nano physics and cutting edge battery chemistry. But who cares about spoddy tech nonsense? The ZipCharge is set to revolutionise your gidgity gadgety life. And that’s not empty flannel because it’s brought to you by Freeplay, the game-changing boffins behind the world’s first wind-up radio.

zipcharge quick charger


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  • Kuberkoos

    Very interesting! I am sure that if we Google this item, it will answer all the questions posed above.
    Personally I would welcome informational pieces like this on a regular basis (say once every week or two).

    • P. Marian

      It is a good idea but I am afraid some of the visitors will find it annoying because they want SCHEMATICS! Anyway, I will give it a try.


    hi it’s very nice. but code here define pls….

  • Varad ingale

    Its just cool…..
    Can it also useful to battries other than just I pod???

    • krokkenoster

      Varad I was given a similar gadget by my neighbour and I charge my cell phones Tecsun PL-380 and a torch with it . The batteries installed were 1800 mA/hour and I changed them with 2500 ma/hour batteries and this is great. By the way if somebody with electronic oriented mind hear about a gadget and want to share it why do you throw your toys out of the cot? Housebound people also want to see these thingy’s so that we can order or send somebody to go and obtain one The person must just tell us where to obtain these gadgets. Prices change so fast that quoting them is meaningless. I think that this is a beefed up “Power thief” as room for a lot of stuff cannot be fitted inside the case THANKS A STACK but just brief us on the performance make and so on

  • Gerry

    I am soooo tired of looking for specific information on sites meant to do that only to waste time following a link to find an advertisement – on a site dedicated to DIY, this link is advertising.

    • P. Marian

      Yes, you are right about this but I ask you, are you willing to pay me for the hosting? Will you donate money so I can keep this site up and running?

    • Gerry

      That depends on how much…as usual. Generally I have found that once payment start, people want a monthly/yearly fee that it is way too high to sustain because there are many sites with good information and paying them all is impossible.

      I think part of the problem is that there are way too many sites with little cooperation between them. I believe the key to the internet world is in cooperation. Seventy five sites require 75 hosters/administrators, all with similar information and the whole thing is becoming its own worst overload enemy, with people scattering themselves thinly everywhere.

      In the meantime perhaps you should just label ads as ads and information as information. I know this sounds like every other site out there, but until some better model comes along it will probably keep your site more relevant and interesting to people.
      It is a great place for information by the way….Thanks for making it happen. Perhaps there is a way of having others help in the administration of it.


  • rahul

    is this corresponds 2 the usb charger
    or is another mechanism in the working

  • Hasir nisar

    *Please provide the circuit diagram and instructions.

  • arun

    please give priority to circuit diagram and its explanations.

  • mad

    a site for schematics should post schematics in each category. advertisements/info should have its own separate section.

  • Ed

    yeah,,,whats up with that ??? you selling or givinn

    • Marius

      No we are not selling or giving, this is just an informative article posted in Gadgets. We thought it will be better to write this kind of articles.

  • Abdul

    Where is circuit diagram

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