fridge door alarm circuit diagram

Fridge Door Alarm Circuit

P. Marian - 06/20/10

This fridge door alarm is using a 3V battery supply should be placed (in a small box) in [...]

Emergency Lamp Battery Protector

D Mohankumar - 05/22/10

Emergency lamps do not have a facility to prevent the deep discharge of battery if the lamp remains [...]
led torch diagram

Astro LED Torch Circuit

T.K. Hareendran - 04/06/10

A red LED torch is essential for preserving your dark adapted vision at night allowing you to read [...]

Telephone Lamp Circuit

D Mohankumar - 04/04/10

Here is a White LED Lamp that turns on when the telephone rings. The cool white light helps [...]
motion detector alarm circuit

Motion Detector Alarm Circuit

D Mohankumar - 03/23/10

This motion detector alarm can detect a moving person from a distance of 1 meter. It uses a [...]

Automatic Gate Lamp Circuit

D Mohankumar - 03/21/10

This circuit lights the Premises of House around 6 pm and turns off in the morning. Its working [...]

Panic Alarm Circuit

D Mohankumar - 03/16/10

Imagine the Panic situation in the Midnight when an intruder tries to break into the house. This Alarm [...]

Servo Motor Controller

D Mohankumar - 03/15/10

This is the simple basic design of servo motor controller with pulse generator. It uses the CMOS IC [...]

Cupboard Lights Switch Circuit

D Mohankumar - 02/11/10

This Cupboard lights circuit is an automatic White LED lamp used to illuminate the interior of cupboard to [...]

555 Triangle Waveform Generator Circuit

P. Marian - 02/06/10

The circuit is a triangle waveform generator that uses as few parts as possible. A 555 timer IC, [...]
555 1Hz pulse generator circuit

1 Hz Pulse Frequency Generator with 555

D Mohankumar - 01/24/10

Here is a 1Hz pulse/frequency generator using the popular timer IC 555 which is wired as an Astable [...]
reflex tester circuit diagram

Reflex Tester Circuit

P. Marian - 01/22/10

Testing human reaction speed is not only a fun way of spending time, but also allows the drawing [...]
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