Electronic Muscle Stimulation

P. Marian - 03/28/09

This is an electronic muscle stimulator circuit that stimulates nerves of that part of your body where electrodes [...]
night lamp alarm circuit schematic

Night Lamp with Alarm

Received by Email - 02/09/09

This circuit automatically turns on a night lamp when bedroom light is switched off. The lamp remains ‘on’ [...]
dc power controller

PWM DC Power Controller

P. Marian - 01/31/09

This DC power supply controller is controlled by pulse width modulation PWM, generated by the circuit around timer [...]

Dog Repellent Project Circuit

Received by Email - 01/28/09

The electronic dog repellent circuit diagram below is a high output ultrasonic transmitter which is primarily intended to [...]

Cell Phone Detector aka Mobile Bug

P. Marian - 01/25/09

This handy mobile bug or cell phone detector, pocket-size mobile transmission detector or sniffer can sense the presence [...]

Infrared Alarm Barrier Circuit

Received by Email - 12/07/08

This infrared alarm barrier can be used to detect persons passing through doorways, corridors and small gates. The [...]

Bicycle Rear-Light Afterglow Circuit

Received by Email - 12/06/08

This article is of interest only to readers whose bicycle lights are powered by a dynamo. The laws [...]
overheat detector circuit schematic

Overheat Detector Alarm Switch

Received by Email - 11/30/08

At the heart of this overhead detector (fire alarm) circuit is a precision integrated temperature sensor type LM35 [...]

Mobile Phone Sniffer – GSM Telephone Detector

P. Marian - 06/06/08

This handy, pocket-size mobile transmission detector or sniffer can sense the presence of an activated mobile cellphone from [...]
electronic pest repellent schematic

Electronic Mice Repellent Circuit

P. Marian - 04/17/08

This electronic mice repellent emit high frequency sound waves to create an acoustically hostile environment that effectively repels [...]

Ultrasonic Dog Repeller Circuit

P. Marian - 04/14/08

This ultrasonic dog repeller circuit will chase away angry dogs. It is build with the all known 555 [...]
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