Panic Alarm Circuit

Imagine the Panic situation in the Midnight when an intruder tries to break into the house. This Alarm will help you with its loud Police siren to abort the attempt of intrusion. With a single clap, the circuit generates the alarm for three minutes and then goes off. This is sufficient to catch the attention of neighbours.

The circuit is a sensitive Clap switch with timer action. IC1 is designed as a sensitive inverting amplifier to amplify the sound signals from the condenser mic. Variable resistor VR1 set the sensitivity of mic and resistor R1 and VR2 set the gain of the amplifier. If the sensitivity of mic and amplifier is suitably adjusted, the circuit can detect the sound from a distance of 5meters or more.

Panic Alarm Circuit Diagram

panic alarm circuit schematic

When the mic detects clap sound, the ac signals pass through C1and IC1 amplifies the signal. This triggers T1 .When T1 conducts, the trigger pin of the Monostable Timer IC2 will be grounded and the timer triggers. With the given values of R5 and C2, output of IC2 remains high for three minutes. This high output provides power to the ROM IC UM3561. It generates the Police Siren since its pin6 remains unconnected. Resistor R8 determines the frequency of oscillation of IC3.The siren signals are amplified by T2 and the alarm tone can be heard through the speaker. Zener diode ZD gives 3.1 volt regulated supply to IC3.


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  • Dheeraj

    Can please any one reply to the above questions……its urgent .

  • Dheeraj

    I thank u for this circuit .
    Please answer my previous question which I have posted above
    And also theres a change in the circuit ,the speaker should be connected to pin 5 of ic not directly to 12 volts.

  • Dheeraj

    Hello sir,
    In this circuit you have used an op amp with a single supply when the circuit is on iam getting a DC offset of 3.3 volts …(I.e the voltage dropped across the positive terminal of ic 741).and iam getting a constant DC output voltage of 12 volts at collector of bc548…

    Sir,can u please explain me this fast.

  • GenericUser

    Most if not all smoke alarms and CO detectors use a 3 pin noise maker. I want to use the noise maker in a completely different project for a hearing impaired person.
    Does anybody know how to use the 3 pins?
    Can anybody point me to a commercial noise maker with a similar pin-out? There is no number on the noise maker. I can’t tell if it some kind of piezo device.
    Remainder of detector will be recycled for hazardous materials.
    Any kind of help appreciated.

  • apoorv devarbhavi

    sir i want to do a simple but intresting project using opamp aplications .can u please suggest n guide me to do this!!!!i am a 4th sem e&c student

  • in panic alarm which sensor we r using

    which sensor is used in panic alarm

  • dhawal

    How to change siren generating time? And Can we use bc187 transistor instead of ac187?

  • ashok

    How to connect vr1. . Is it has any polarity.. and capacitors are whether in picofarad or micro farad.. Please reply me

    • Jim Keith

      VR1 is a potentiometer connected as a variable resistor. It has no polarity, but the direction of increasing resistance reverses, depending upon how it is wired. Capacitor values are in microfarads (uF).

  • ashok

    Thank you mr. mohankumar.. Your replies are very impressive.

  • manoj

    what is main use of this alaram tat is i need some applications about this alaram sir plz help me

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