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    Mobile phone radiation and health concerns have been raised, especially following the enormous increase in the use of wireless mobile telephony throughout the world. This is because cell phones use Electromagnetic radiation in the Microwave range. These concerns have induced a large body of research in animals and in humans.

    The mobile phone system is referred to as “cellular telephone system” because the coverage area is divided into “cells“ each of which has a base station antenna. Cell phones use Electromagnetic radiation in the Microwave range around 2.5 GHz range.

    Electromagnetic Frequency Spectrum

    When we talk on mobile phones, the transmitter takes the sound and encodes on to a continuous “sine wave”. The sine wave radiates out from the antenna and fluctuates evenly through space. Once the encoded sound has been placed on the sine wave, the transmitter sends the signal to the antenna which then sends the signal out. The encoded signals are made up of electromagnetic radiations. These waves are picked up by the receiver in the base station tower. The base station antenna emits radiations continuously to make a link with the subscribers.

    Mobile Tower and Base station

    Cell phone technology uses electromagnetic radiation in the Giga hertz range. These radiations are close to microwave range and with similar properties. Part of the radio wave emitted from the mobile phone is absorbed by the human head. The radiation emitted by a GSM handset can have a peak power of 2 watts.

    The rate at which radiation is absorbed by the human body is measured by the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) and its maximum levels for modern handset is set between 1.6 to 2 W/Kg averaged for 1 gram tissue. If the SAR level is above the limit, it may cause both Thermal and Non thermal effects on the body especially on the ear and head since these are at the “Near Field” of the radiation. Thermal effect of microwave is the dielectric heating in which any dielectric material such as living tissue is heated by rotations of polar molecules such as water.

    In the case of a person using mobile handset for hours in a day, most of the heating effects will occur in the earpinna, internal ear, head surface and even in the brain. Internal ear has fluid filled structures which are more susceptible to heating effect. Brain tissue is delicate and there is blood-brain barrier system to eliminate excess heat generated.

    Some of the brain waves that determine mood and alertness resemble the mobile radiation in frequency. So that normal brain functions will be affected even in a few persons using cellphones continuously. Another structure that can be affected by heating is the cornea of the eye. It is the transparent covering on the front part of the eye. Cornea lacks blood supply, so that the heat generated can not be removed and may cause premature cataract. Non thermal effects include alterations in bio-cycles, cellular metabolism, spermatogenesis, abnormalities in foetal developments, miscarriage etc. Some users of mobile phones feel several unspecific symptoms during and after the use of mobile phones in the form of burning and tingling sensations, fatigue, sleep disturbances, dizziness, loss of mental concentration etc. All these may be due to the influence of the radiation on the biomagnetic field of the body.

    In short, biological effects of Mobile phone radiation can be summarized as


    Microwave causes “dielectric heating in the human body. Human tissue is rich in water and exhibit dielectric property (+ and – ve ions). Living tissue heat up through the rotation of polar molecules such as water. This friction causes heating of tissue. Head is in the “near field “ of radiation, so that most of the heating effect occurs in the head. Temperature in the internal ear, brain etc increases to 1 degree or more. This adversely affects the functioning of these organs since these have fluid filled cavities. In short Thermal effect causes

    • Burning sensation in the Scalp and Ear pinna
    • Mood alteration and lack of concentration
    • Lethargy and lack of sleep
    • Whistling sound in the ear
    • Premature Cataract- Cornea of eye lacks blood supply and heat cannot be disposed
    • Confusion and loss of memory since the microwaves interfere with the mood controlling brainwaves
    • Alters sleep physiology and biological rhythm by changing the level of Dopamine, Serotonin hormones

    Role of Blood-Brain Barrier – BBB

    The blood vessels in the brain and the surrounding tissue form the BBB that can easily dispose heat. But prolonged heating effect can alter brain functions and hearing ability.

    Non Thermal Effects

    • Increased cellular responses
    • Leakage of Albumin from blood into the brain due to increased permeability of BBB

    Hearing impairments

    • Heating effect in the fluid of internal ear
    • Piercing sound from the speaker causes irritability in the ear drum and internal sensory cells of ear
      Human ear is highly sensitive to waves between 1000 and 6000 Hz

    Sleep and EEG Effects

    • Brain waves such as alpha beta ,delta waves will be affected when exposed to pulsed radiations

    Microwave Auditory Effect

    • Clicks and Buzzing sound in the head
    • Microwave induces electric current in the hearing centre of the brain and causes Auditory illusion
    • This may happen if music is heard using ear phone or Bluetooth for long time
    • The human ear has a peak sensitivity of 3000 Hz, which causes a sense of unease. Alarms and Mobile ring tones are designed to sound at 3000 Hz.
    • The ear has a very low threshold of hearing for 3000 Hz. A sound of this frequency is very penetrating.

    Phantom Pain

    Pain in the ear without any specific reasons like infection.This may be due to increased stress on the delicate structures of the internal ear or ear drum by the radiation.

    Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

    Unspecific symptoms during and after the use of cell phone

    Tingling sensation, fatigue, dizziness, loss of mental attention, reduction in reaction time, memory retentiveness, tachycardia etc.


    Mobile phone is an excellent communication device. Mobile radiation defects occur only if it is used for prolonged time. Controlled use for communication purpose is always safe. Mobile phones emitting radiation below 2 watts is completely safe. Still, precautionary measures are always good, even though there are fewer case studies in this matter. Try to consider mobile phone as a communication device and not an entertainment device. Even if you are not talking, cell phone is emitting strong signals to keep link with the base station having strongest signal.

    Consider some of the precautionary measures :

    1. Do not use mobile phones more than 10 minutes continuously. During conversation, mobile phone will release bursts of energy to keep link with the strongest base station.
    2. Try to use the mobile phone maximum one hour per day. If you want to use it more than this , use Bluetooth or Head phones.
    3. Keep mobile phone away from bed while sleeping. It may affect your sleep physiology.
    4. Don’t give mobile phone to children. Radiation hazard is more in children than adults.
    5. Do not attend mobile phone while driving or operating machinery. It will increase the cognitive load and reduce the reaction time leading to accidents.
    6. Do not use mobile phone near petrol outlet and LPG cylinder. The static electricity in the atmosphere may explode by accepting radiation from the mobile phone. This may cause fire.
    7. Do not use mobile phone when it is connected to charger. Electricity problems may cause shock hazards.
    8. Do not use mobile phone when there is lightning.
    9. Do not over charge, mobile battery. It may reduce its life. Charge battery only when it’s charge level reduces below 40 percent.
    10. Do not send unwanted images or texts through sms or mms. It is an offence.

    attentionThe author D Mohankumar is not an active member anymore. Please take into consideration that the presented information might not be correct.
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    54 Responses to "Mobile Cell Phone Radiation"

    1. great and go ahead

    2. Thanks for the feedback

      • Professor Ramesh C. Deka says: on January 4, 2014 at 9:36 am

        I read the simple write up in a popular language on mobile phone effects on human health. It lacks any scientific data. I thank, latest works both o animal and human studies may be included. We have done work on audiovestibular effects from such phone uses and mobilphone tower area exposure, could find much vidence from short term studies on both auditory or balance system-brain functions. It at best raised heat in the ear and its adjoining skin.As to whether such exposure to mobilphone/tower radiation in brain , causing possibly cancer is debatable and it requires long term exposure and appropriately designed research.

      • Errol Ecirp says: on July 13, 2014 at 2:19 am

        I Don’t Believe that my ears burning out of my head is going to have – NO Effect !!! Not during what I am experiencing right now !!!
        (New phone reject just received but would cool down and trick me – then after using the burning in the ears start – lasting for hours – but it’s too late by the time the phone is burning up hot)

    3. Sir, Very useful article.

    4. christian chemaly says: on October 28, 2010 at 1:29 pm

      Very interesting article. I liked specially the last point. :)

      I still have one question:
      Do cell phone radiations have an impact on a USB disk next to it? what about an external hard disk?

      Thank you ka

    5. thanz ! ! ! brothers plz hellp me.. i have the same problem ! ! hot ear effect. whwn i use phone i have severe head ache and itchy scalp ! i consuled doctor ! ! but the blody is laughing at me ! ! she think that im jokin ! ! plz suggest mee.. i stoped even usin mobile phone ! but vn any one beside me use phone i get same head ache ! ! plz temme wat to do .. and vch doctor to consult ! ! ! plz brothers help me out of diz problem

      • Errol Ecirp says: on July 13, 2014 at 2:58 am

        Call the carrier or insurance – if you have – and tell them you are being radiated. Your phone is obviously not good. They refurbish old phones and you can feel that it is a reject after talking for even a short period. You need to ask for a new one – “Top of the line”…. I just got this reject phone Im talking about – just a few days ago – but it took me a few days to realize I was being radiated. It would be cool then heat up and before I realized it my ears were burning out of my head and is lasting now all day. Not that I spoke too long but that is is defective and giving off radiation ! I don’t care about all that fancy Dr talk. I know my body !!! I don’t care about the money (I’m worried right now) I just want a phone that doesn’t burn my ears and head off. A new phone does not fix that problem (it obviously is not just a passing feeling – common sense – its going to have some side effects) ! The phone companies make a fortune and should not send inferior products. There is a reason they are giving brand new phones for these type of complaints. Not all phones make you severely sensitive – but you will know when it happens and you wonder if you are going to have some side effects in the future… ?

    6. pease help mee. ! ! !

      • D.Mohankumar says: on December 12, 2010 at 7:36 pm

        Dear Santosh
        You have developed some aversion to mobile phone. You are now not interesting to use it.That is why you develop head ache when some one is using cell phone in your vicinity. Cell phone radiation has multiple effects. Use it wisely. Consider it as your friend and use only in urgent situation for making call only.Use only few minutes to attend call. Gradually you will be free from the symptoms.

    7. if ane suggestion please do replay at santosh_killervirus@yahoo.com

      • Naresh says: on May 25, 2014 at 7:51 pm

        Even I have the same problem and infact its in both the ears and I have this even when I use ear phone. Just google, it could be tumor as well. I dont want to frighten you, but its better you get it tested. I will be consulting the doctor this week..

    8. gud works sir

    9. i like this artical intersting

    10. sir does my gsm cellphone emits energy even i am not attending call..if yes how much???
      plz reply
      thanks in advance

    11. I am suffering from extreme earpain, headache, pain in eyes and jaw joint only beacuse of continous use of phone. Now I can’t even talk on landline phone because of this pain.

      Please do any one have any suggestion how to cure this?

      I would advice every one not to use your cellphone not more than five minutes.

      Also please suggest which mobile emmits more dangerous radiation CDMA or GSM phone?

      Plz help.

    12. I get a clicking sound in my left inner ear when I have a live cell phone to either side of my head. It gets so bad I won’t use my cell phone at all. Should I see a doctor, or just use a bluetooth and hope it goes away?

    13. William Henry G says: on May 31, 2012 at 8:26 pm

      Muchas gracias por el aporte, ya que las emisiones dentro del espectro electromagnetico dentro del cuerpo humano, causan a lo largo del tiempo malformaciones cancerigenas y hasta la muerte por taquicardia, este es un aviso muy importante acerca de estas emisiones, y la regulacion de las mismas en todos los paises.

    14. Okezie Charles says: on June 21, 2012 at 1:01 am

      Am a student and would like to write a standard project on the topic ‘DETERMINATION OF MICROWAVE RADIATION FROM CELL PHONES’ and I will be glad if u can in any way be of help to me or work hand in hand with me.thanks yours faithfully OKEZIE CHARLES ALEXANDER

    15. I was boldly clear to me.. It’s very most helpful. When I happened to read it. Because I used to sleep with my mobile phone below my pillow for alarming to work. Now I know the reasons why icant slept well at night.

    16. RK Murthy Challa says: on August 21, 2012 at 8:40 am

      Dear Mohankumar,
      The description of topic on ‘Mobile Phone Radiation’ is very very essential to know by everyone and useful.
      RK Murthy Challa

    17. its very important news

    18. Its verx use full for people. Thanks for feedback. . . .

    19. William Henry Galvez says: on October 18, 2012 at 7:20 am

      He observado los efectos nocivos de estas emisiones de radiación electromagnética, lo que les sugeriría a todas las personas que empiezan a tener zumbidos en los oídos o perdida del equilibrio, o mareos repentinos, que abandonen por completo el uso del celular, se que es una herramienta indispensable, vale mas la vida de la persona o el dispositivo movil, Usted decide.

    20. Dear Sir,
      I am feeling burning sensation in my hands when ever
      I hold mobile phone. whether it is Rt or Lt hand it burns immediately after using the phone. Sometimes even burning starts in my mouth.

      I am very much sure that it is due to use of mobile phone. But when I approached a doctor he says it might be due to some problem in the handset as well he prescribed me some Neuro Vitamins for 10 days. Now even after changing the handset I am facing the same problem whenever i use my or others mobile phone but not with land line phone.

      I request you to kindly suggest me a remedy / doctor / precaution at your earliest.

      Thanks n regards,

      • Marielos says: on August 4, 2015 at 5:33 am

        Hi zafari am going thru the same right now my hands feel like their on fire have you heard anything back from the doc and what have you done to stop it & do i need to call my carrier to change my phone..i currently have the samsung 3 & omg while typing this i felt and overwhelming burning sensation on both hands especiallt my left hand which is the one im using to hold my phone while typing with my right!!! OMG PLZ HELP ME!!!! BURNING IN TEXAS OUCH!!!

    21. Sir, Very useful article.
      but tell the other way what we do suggest please

    22. Sir
      When I calling using mobile phone my left ear is getting heat and irritation from that ear.

    23. Dear Sir,

      Thanks for your article.

      Now Let me know what is the percent of mobile radiation while not calling and while calling.

      Thank you

    24. Dear, sir thank you for your article it is very useful for my evs project

    25. Working in a wireless environment is also incredibly dangerous! Since working for Cisco Systems, in an office providing state of the art wireless internet connection, I have suffered from epilepsy and not been able to find employment ever since! Also, a colleague I worked with there, prior to him doing so, had a slight stutter in his voice. He was also forced to end his contract very early due to not being able to string a sentence together or be verbally understood!

      • Scary stuff indeed! All who read all the comments should really be alarmed. For this reason, I disabled my WiFi modem and WiFi computer interface in favor of a hard-wired Ethernet connection.

        Attention all users of cell phones: Never press earpiece to you ear! Always hold it at least 1″ away, or better yet, use the speakerphone feature.

        An acquaintance just had a serious bout with cancer in her ear area–any guesses as to what caused this? she now depends upon her hair to cover scarring and disfigurement.

    26. The World Health Organization has declared that cell phone radiation is a possible carcinogen. Ten studies connect cell phone radiation to diminished sperm count and sperm damage. Others raise health concerns such as altered brain metabolism, sleep disturbance and behavioral changes in children. That’s why I did research and found a case that can reduce radiation exposure. I read about Pong Research cases, Pong technology is custom-designed for each mobile device and works to redirect radiation away from your head and body. I hesitated about it, anyway, I bought a case Pong because is the only technology proven in FCC-certified laboratories to reduce the exposure to mobile device radiation by up to 95% below the FCC limit without compromising the device’s ability to communicate.

    27. v usefull information. i also have stong and sharp ear pain. even i reduced to use it.. but still the problm persist . how to get rid of this. the other ways to use mobiles . would be usefull.

    28. Feel pain in left ear after attending cal…pl tell me the precautionary measures to control my ear pain

    29. Can’t talk in mobile as ear pains

    30. really helpful unknown facts about wellknown device

    31. Seems with every comment the wor HEAT appears. We humans are a planet of electromagnetic wavelength hijackers with NO consideration nor information in respect to the hapless friction generated in our atmosphere.
      One would think that ourselves and every other micro organism were separate from this process and do not coexist within its boundaries.
      If all your ears are burning then I suppose science will tell us that the atmospheres carbon molecules are immuned from the same friction…..this HEATING anomaly.
      Let’s face it friends, your ears are warming, the planet is warming, hmm warming.
      Today the mercury hit 40o when normally it would be around 26o in this part of the world but then offset by severe cooling in the USA.
      Its not that I’m not in awe of techno innovation, its beyond imagination. Its just that, well, it is the way of it that our own physiology is hooked into the very same electro wavelengths, somewhat distorted now.
      But it could be worse than our overly sensitive allergy prone bodies….
      Just thinking, we could be another species all fitted out with radio collars and tracked by a cell phone or antenna…imagine that, the sensations…..ouch
      You people would like to know why your ears are burning and I would like to know who was the bright spark that concluded it was ok to hack our waves in the first place?

    32. Have just started using computers and tablets , use mobile phones mostly just text . after 5 mins use pains in fingers , I guess similar to arthritis , pains in corner of eyes and devices almost become to hot to handle .l don’t see how its me when these problems only occur when technology is around .

    33. I have had burning in the left side of my head. After reading these people asking for help I am scared. As Its still there (burning after 3 days) taken some pain killers to sleep. Put some ice on it to cool it down. Is there anything else I can do to help myself besides Not using Mobile Phone. Is it safer to use ear phone to answer calls or loud speaker till I get land line again.

      Please Give me direction.

    34. excellent info, thank you very much. many people are not aware of this.

    35. This is definate true information and every one should be aware of it and beware also

    36. John Williams says: on June 4, 2015 at 8:14 pm

      Often ignored, but well-documented, is the phenomenon of “microwave hearing”.

      Data on it, and related microwave effects, may be found at
      “Biological Effects of Microwaves: Thermal and Nonthermal Mechanisms” (http://www.scribd.com/doc/45663757/Biological-Effects-of-Microwaves-Thermal-and-Nonthermal-Mechanisms or. originally, at http://arXiv.org/pdf/physics/0102007).

      Here is the abstract:
      For over sixty years, it has been reported that microwave electromagnetic radiation (EMR) had effects on humans which could not be explained by detectible heating of tissue. Auditory responses to radar have been the best known of these phenomena. To account for microwave hearing, many studies in the literature have adopted a rate-of-heating hypothesis advanced by Foster and Finch in 1974. We show here that theoretical and experimental studies supporting this hypothesis are weaker than usually assumed.

      We develop a simple framework of understanding of EMR that may be used to explain microwave hearing as a nonthermal, nonacoustic effect. We then extend this approach to other contexts, pointing out several fundamental misconceptions confounding the field.

      EMR, especially wide-band EMR, primarily must have a nonthermal effect on living tissue before conversion to heat. Auditory and tactile sensations, central neurological disability, and blood pressure loss caused by EMR have been documented. Except microwave hearing, parameters of irradiation causing such effects have not been explored adequately and remain unknown. There appears not to be any forensic methodology to prove the cause of harm at nonthermal levels.

      • Dariusz says: on June 9, 2015 at 3:36 am

        Maybe read one more time this report. He simply cherry pick studies to support his claims ingoring replication by the same authors and ohter better studies falling to see such correlation.

    37. I frequently feel pain in my ears while talking in my mobile , the pain is more when i uses a land line phone.Please advise.

      Mob- 9702072432

      • John Williams says: on June 12, 2015 at 7:38 pm

        It could be caused by an infection of some kind; you should consider a visit to an ear-nose-throat doctor or a general practitioner.

        If not caused by infection, the pain probably is electromagnetic — coming from the mobile itself (see http://cellphones.procon.org/view.resource.php?resourceID=003054 or Google others) or from a neighbor’s or business’s use of shared electrical wires to operate a wireless device such as a router, receiver, or transmitter.

        You can reduce electromagnetic ear contact by using a headphone and/or installing one or more snap-on electromagnetic attenuators (picture below). They cost a couple of dollars each and last forever. I got mine at Halted Electronics, 3500 Ryder Street, Santa Clara, CA 95051, but other electronic equipment stores also carry them.

    38. There can be multiple reasons for the phone to heat up.
      Battery: If the battery is not working fine then the phone may get heated
      Charging port: If the heat is at the charging port then there may be chances that the charger is at fault.
      Too much of downloads: If you are used to continuously download something or the other then there are chances of the phone been heated due to excess load on processor
      No rest even at the time of charging: love to stay connected and not letting the phone charged then you are harming the life of the battery.
      Loads of apps and widgets that run round the clock- more pressure on phone: uninstall unnecessary load from the phone to avoid excess use of battery and processor
      Low air flow: keeping the phone in pocket where the airflow is less can also be the reson for phone heat up
      Phone exposed to moisture: long calls and continuous contact between hand and ear creates sweat on the screen and over exposure to moisture can also be the reason for hardware fault and thus heating up

    39. I agree more studies need to be done but SOON! So that all the naysayers can finally have the hard data they need to implement protective measures.
      Personally, as soon as I upgraded to a smart phone (Samsung Galaxy 5)and began using email and apps on my phone (Previously I only had call and texting capabilities) I got that vaguely uncomfortable tingly, burning feeling around my head and neck and jaw. I also feel more tired out. I’m a moderate cellphone user too…not heavy.
      Well, today I couldn’t stand it any more (have had this smartphone for about a month) and deleted a handful of apps and IMMEDIATELY felt a dramatic improvement. The burning/tingly feeling reduced to almost nothing.
      I simply don’t believe there are no effects to the body. I am sure it taxes our systems…just based on the way I felt.

    40. John Williams says: on July 17, 2015 at 4:00 am

      Paula wrote”. . . as soon as I upgraded to a smart phone (Samsung Galaxy 5) and began using email and apps on my phone (Previously I only had call and texting capabilities) I got that vaguely uncomfortable tingly, burning feeling around my head and neck and jaw.”
      Yes. Correct. The electromagnetic radiation from the phone was causing you discomfort.
      Exactly which apps did you delete? I would expect at least one of them to be transmitting while installed.

    41. I’ve been looking for others who have experienced the tingling and burning sensations. It’s to the point when my eyes are starting to burn. Sometimes just being too close to my phone burns me. I don’t know if it’s because it’s a smart phone or because my battery is hot. I’m not sure what to do. I feel tingling through my whole body.

    42. A really helpful article!
      Thank you!

    43. my 12th % is verry low

    44. so can i join this job and i am continous BE barnch electronics

    45. I too am feeling these irritating pains and tingles from my cell phone. I recently went to the ER due to migraines and sound and light sensitivity. I was given a brain scan and the tech asked if I use my cell phone alot. The nurse bumped him and asked why he was asking that. When doctors came in I described my concern about cell phone and each denied any correlation and one even smiled slightly, said “no” and walked out. I think it would be so much more than fair to inform the people and seek ways to help rather than ignore it and give the impression that we a “crazy”.
      The same doctor talked with my daughter and she now says I went to the ER due to “lack of attention”. I’m in pain while posting and dealing with it because I know that this is serious. Investigate, inform and address or does the money being justify your Ignore? IGNORANCE!!!

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