30w audio amplifier circuit schematic

30W Power Audio Amplifier Circut

TIP141 si a npn silicon power darlingtons designed for complementary use with TIP145, TIP146 and TP147. Can stand up to 125 W at 25°C Case Temperature, 10 A Continuous Collector Current and has a minimum hFE of 1000 at 4 V, 5 A. This home audio amplifiercan output 30W with a +- 32V symmetric power supply. If you want a stereo power amplifier please check out the other schematics.

R1=1Kohm R16-17=270ohm D1=9.1V 0.4W zener
R2=47Kohm R18=22ohm 1W D2-3=1N4148
R3=1.5Kohm R19=NC Q1-2=BC550C
R4-5=10Kohm R20-21=0.39ohm 4W Q3=MPSA56
R6=5.6Kohm TR1=250ohm trimmer Q4=BC547B
R7=10ohm C1=470nF 100V MKT Q5=BC212
R8=47Kohm C2=1nF 100V MKT Q6=BC183
R9=560ohm C3=68pF ceramic Q7-8=MPSAO6
R10-11=8.2Kohm C4-8=22nF 100V MKT Q9=TIP141
R12-15=120ohm C5-6-7=100nF 100V MKT Q10=TIP146
R13=680ohm C9=47uF 25V F1-2=1.6AT FUSE
R14=330ohm C10-11=220uF 63V All the resistors is 1/4W 1% except quote differently

30W power amplifier circuit diagram

30w audio amplifier circuit schematic

30 Watt audio amplifier PCB

30w audio amplif pcb layout


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