small fm radio schematic

Small FM Radio Circuit

Perhaps this is one of the simplest and smallest FM radio receiver that can receive the FM stations available locally. Its simple design makes it ideal for a pocket sized FM receiver. The output of the receiver drives a head phone.

The circuit works off a small 4.5 volt battery or two 3.6 volt Lithium button cells.
The fm receiver section has two RF transistors T1 and T2 to detect the Frequency Modulated signals. Coil L1 and the trimmer capacito form the tuned tank circuit to tune the receiver to the best FM station with strong signals. The signals are capacitor coupled through C2.

Tiny FM Radio Receiver Circuit Schematic

small fm radio schematic

small fm radio circuit schematic

10K preset VR controls the volume to the input of the amplifier. IC1 is the micro power audio amplifier that works between 4.5 to 12 volts DC. The amplified sound can be heard through the low impedance head phone or small Mylar speakers.

FM radio coil
Coil is the important part of the FM tuner. It is made up of 18 SWG enameled copper wire. Wind 4 turns on a ball pen to get 0.5 cm inner diameter. Remove the enamel from the tip of the wire and solder tightly in the PCB. Trimmer and coil should be soldered very closely. Adjust the spacing of the coil winding if necessary to get the station clearly. Assemble all the receiver components as close as possible to get better result.

Pinout of BF494 and LM386

bf494lm386 pins


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