Polyphonic DoorBell Circuit

Here is an AC triggered Multitone, polyphonic doorbell. It gives eight melodious tunes for 2 minutes. On each press it will give a new tone which will continue till the melody is over. The circuit is too simple and battery operated It uses the popular melody generator IC UM3481.

The circuit uses the popular melody generator IC UM3481. It generates music tones like Jingle bell, Santa clause is coming, Silent night, Holy night, Joy to the world, Rudolph, Red nosed reindeer, Merry Christmas, O come, All Ye faithful, Hark and the herald angel sing.UM 3482 generates 12 music tones. Capacitor C1 and resistor R2 are the oscillation components. Pin1 can be triggered either by DC or AC. Here low voltage AC is applied to the trigger pin 1 through R1 and D1. The circuit works off two pen cells which last for more than one year

Caution: The circuit is connected to high volt AC. Do not touch any parts when it is powered to avoid lethal shock

Polyphonic DoorBell Circuit Diagram

AC187 Pinout


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  • Colin Mitchell

    “i have read your article .i wanted to learn how to program doorbell ic”

    Do you realise how skilled you have to be to do this.

    The least qualification is a double Professorship.

  • kamal kaushik

    Dear sir ,
    i have read your article .i wanted to learn how to program doorbell ic or small black chip that is inside 20-30 rs china child singing mobile .please show me right path or institute in india .
    kamal kaushik

  • Colin Mitchell

    Is this circuit work properly?????


  • shanker

    Is this circuit work properly

  • Colin Mitchell

    I replay immedtaly.

    Do not built tis circit.

  • nizam

    If we connect 230v ac to pin 1 through r1, and d1,i think it will damage the whole circuit, what is the minimum voltage required to tun on the um3482a ic…any one replay immedtaly..


    Is this circuit working properly? According to datasheet of UM3481, pin 4 is used for switching purpose. But in this circuit pin 1 is used with AC Mains. Please clarrify.

  • T.K.Hareendran

    According to datasheets, flaws observed in this circuit.

    Pin 14 & 15 of UM3481 are the “external oscillator” terminals. And, Pin 13 has no connection. Here pin 13 is also used by the designer to wire the oscillator!

    Refer this datasheet to verify it yourself:

    • Popescu Marian

      That is why D Mohankumar is no longer a contributor to I advice all to not take the schematics as they are but to study all the available resources: datasheets, other designs or ask if they have any questions.

  • Eliminator

    Colin Mitchel has very little knowledge of electronics, he only boasts in front of hobbyists who are new and inexperienced, just check out the below given link to see how he was shown the doors when he tried to impose his limited knowledge over the experts:


  • Colin Mitchell

    The input current for pin 1 must be less than 12uA.

    This circuit supplies 10mA The chip will be damaged.

    D. Mohankumar has absolutely no idea how to design circuits.

    Colin Mitchell