Electronic Dice Circuit

With this electronic dice the result is displayed with LEDs that are placed so every dice face is shown. In the circuit diagram, IC 4022 is used to count to 6 in which only one output can get “1” state.
A diode matrix (D1..D8) serve as decoding the output signals of the counter so that the LEDs are controlled by two buffer transistors and series resistance.

Integrated circuit outputs only support a reduced load, so in the transistor’s base are connected the limiting resistances. As a clock generator it can be used any generator with rectangular pulses whose amplitude corresponds to the IC’s supply voltage. The 4022 clock input impedance is 1012Ω.

Electronic Dice Circuit Diagram

electronic dice circuit diagram


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  • electronichobbyist

    The “Electronic Dice Circuit” is an interesting one and I think any hobbyist interested in playing dice would like to construct this. One thing may be made clear-the number of Darlington paired transisitors in the circuit has not been mentioned. A schematic of the rectanular pulse generator -preferabely using IC 555 would also of much help to the enthusiasts.

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