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    The circuit is a triangle waveform generator that uses as few parts as possible.
    A 555 timer IC, 2 resistors and two capacitors make the triangle wave.
    The IC is connected in a 50% duty-cycle astable square-wave oscillator circuit.
    The square-wave output is fed from pin 3 of the IC to an RC shaping circuit.

    When the 555’s square-wave output goes high, C2 begins to charge through R2 and the voltage across C2 increases as long as the output remains high. When the IC’s output goes low again, C2 begins to discharge through R2 reducing the voltage C2 as long the output remains low. The resulting waveform accross C2 takes the shape of a triangle. The best waveform linearity is obtained when R2 and C2 are made as large as possible. With the component values shown, the peak-to-peak output is 0.5 V at a frequency of about 200 Hz.

    Triangle Waveform Generator Circuit Diagram

    triangle waveform generator circuit diagram

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    15 Responses to "555 Triangle Waveform Generator Circuit"

    1. Is this also a square wave generator?

    2. the 555 timer itself is a square wave generator. the passive components make up a low pass filter to convert the square wave to a triangle wave.

    3. Which resistor do i change into a pot to vary the frequency? This appears to be the simplest design i ever saw, so please reply

    4. I found that replacing the 100k resistor with a 33k resistor creates a louder and more audible sound and replacing the 47k with a 100k pot worked for me. But thanks for sharing the design

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    6. TO,
      tu bada kholali ta re pua.
      book kinunu.

      FROM—UR LUV trimurti(JANU)

    7. it make easy with 555 ic triangular wavegenrator

    8. this circuit is very simple.

    9. This circuit is just right for me. Please how can I generate this wave with three different frequencies?

    10. I need to generate a wave of 0,5hz and at about 5vpp for fading leds on and off, can you tell me how to adapt the circuit? thanks.

    11. i need to convert 50hz ac to 100hz ac.. help me to bulid a circuit.

    12. what are the application of 555 Triangle Waveform Generator and how to calculate frequency

    13. sir I want to produce 10 khertz frequency triangular wave what I have to do for that

    14. Very neat and usable circuit, but…

      Does anybody know a formula for the frequency?

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