pachisi circuit diagram

Pachisi Game Circuit

Pachisi game is designed for two persons. Each player has one figurine; the figurines are found in the early game on positions indicated by arrows. The goal of each figurine is the white square field in the middle of the game. Players move in turn: they need to move the figurines forward or back on the next black or white field. If a player reaches with his figurine on a field that already is occupied by the other player then he wins.

4 LEDs indicate if the figure should be moved forward or back, or should be put on the next field white or black. By pressing S1, LEDs indicate by chance, randomly “before” or “back” and “black” or “white”.

The assembly is not complicated: two bistable multivibrators form a binar counter with 2 bits. Leds are used to make visible the counter position; the 4 transistor are sued to power up the LEDs.

Pachisi Game Circuit Diagram

pachisi circuit diagram

Pachisi Game Table Board

pachisi game table board

Read more about the pachisi game here.


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