Solar Based Multipurpose Charger Circuit

Here is an ideal solution to harvest Solar energy for charging purpose. This charger can replenish almost all types of batteries including Mobile phone battery. It uses a Solar Module to convert light energy into electrical energy

Solar Charger Circuit Schematic

The circuit is self explanatory. A 12 volt 5 Watt solar panel is used as the source of current. The cells in the panel are made up of semiconductor material which transforms light energy into electrical energy. When the sunlight is maximum, the solar module can generate around 16.5 volts at 400 mA. This current is used to charge the battery. Diode D1 allows current into three regulator ICs to provide regulated voltage to the load. IC1 7812 gives 12 volts and 400 mA current to charge a Lead Acid battery.

The battery can be connected to point C and ground. IC2 7806 gives regulated 6 volts to charge NiCd battery. Resistor R3 restricts the charging current. IC3 7805 provides regulated 5 volts to charge all types of Mobile phone batteries which are rated at 3.6 volts. Resistor R2 restricts charging current to a safer level. Point A can also used to charge Lithium ion and NiMh batteries. High value capacitors C1 and C2 act as current buffers so that a short duration interruption in current flow from the panel will not affect the charging process. Red LED indicates the charging process.


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  • princeemmah

    Pls how can I construct a circuit that will automatically switch OFF series of lighting when day break and automatically switch it ON in d night

  • Mohan c

    Sir, in the SOLAR BASED MULTI CHARGER how to connect the load(batteries) at the output terminals. Have a nice day


      You connect the batteries to the appropirate terminal 6 volt tothe six volt pos to pos and neg to negative

  • Abhijeet Gotkhindi

    Can I replace the solar panel with 18v 10watt instead of 12v 5watt??

  • Saranya

    sir can we connect all the three loads at a time? and how can i make a mobile recharge circuit work with a 6v solar panel


    SIR please explain me the operation of SOLAR BASED MOBILE CHARGER asap. plz repli fast. its urgent

  • Michael62

    Plese, I’m taking up my project on mobile phone charger by using solar cell and backup with ac/dc adpter. I need proper circuit diagram on this topic, its urgent, can u suggest to me as well some innovative ideas which can be added to this project. Please,I will be graetful if you can mail me with some ideas
    Thank you


  • Sunny Gupta

    Hko sir i m working on a project electro solar inverter in this the battery will get charge by solar nd alternate current suggest me a suitable circuit for…

  • Bargav

    We are manufacturing of mobile phone chargers but we are facing a problem of current leakage in the lead out how to arrest that current leakage.
    Pls guide me

  • petern

    trying to find pcb modules that can charge 2, 4 or 6 x AA ni-mh batteries (2.4, 4.8v or 7.2v) using a 12v or 18v solar panel.
    batteries will be attached to the load but only on intermitently.
    just like the chinese use on solar lights etc
    ideally one unit with jumper to set if 2, 4, or 6 cells but ok with seperate modules if have to.
    the same again ( or included in the above) for 9v PP3 rechargeable Ni-mh
    just cannot find them
    any help appreciated

  • ram

    If battery is over charged than what happens ,is this circuit going to stop charging

    please suggests

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