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    Here is an ideal solution to harvest Solar energy for charging purpose. This charger can replenish almost all types of batteries including Mobile phone battery. It uses a Solar Module to convert light energy into electrical energy

    Solar Charger Circuit Schematic

    The circuit is self explanatory. A 12 volt 5 Watt solar panel is used as the source of current. The cells in the panel are made up of semiconductor material which transforms light energy into electrical energy. When the sunlight is maximum, the solar module can generate around 16.5 volts at 400 mA. This current is used to charge the battery. Diode D1 allows current into three regulator ICs to provide regulated voltage to the load. IC1 7812 gives 12 volts and 400 mA current to charge a Lead Acid battery.

    The battery can be connected to point C and ground. IC2 7806 gives regulated 6 volts to charge NiCd battery. Resistor R3 restricts the charging current. IC3 7805 provides regulated 5 volts to charge all types of Mobile phone batteries which are rated at 3.6 volts. Resistor R2 restricts charging current to a safer level. Point A can also used to charge Lithium ion and NiMh batteries. High value capacitors C1 and C2 act as current buffers so that a short duration interruption in current flow from the panel will not affect the charging process. Red LED indicates the charging process.

    attentionThe author D Mohankumar is not an active member anymore. Please take into consideration that the presented information might not be correct.
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    101 Responses to "Solar Based Multipurpose Charger Circuit"

    1. superb collections. i want more like this

    2. do u have a stripboard diagram for this design????

    3. You can easily assemble the circuit through pin-to-pin connections on a dot type common PCB

    4. Dear Dr..,
      Which component can replace the component of MJ1000?Because this component hard to find in my area.

    5. There is no MJ1000 component in the circuit.Then ?

    6. i have one circuit for solar which use MJ1000 component..i try to find suitable circuit for solar cell circuit which can supply about 6v to support servo motor up.

    7. MJ1000 is a high power 10 Amps NPN transistor. You can substitute 2N 3055 which is also a high power NPN transistor.See http://www.alldatasheet.com for details

    8. dear Sir! almost how much cost will come in making this circuit? and whether it will work or not?

    9. D.Mohankumar says: on May 8, 2010 at 3:17 am

      Solar Module is a costly thing around 1000 Indian rupee.The other components cost only rs.100 or less.You can use the solar panel used in solar emergency light.This can be procured from an old emergency lamp unit

      • Pravin Chavre says: on December 9, 2012 at 9:14 am

        Hello Sir,

        I want to charge 12 Volt 7 Ah battery using solar panel. What should be watt rating of solar panel?

        I would also like to know what rated solar panel can charge 12 Volt 40 Ah battery.

        Please tell me about the solar panels.

      • Jim Keith says: on December 10, 2012 at 3:41 am

        You may use any solar panel that is designed for charging a 12V battery. The larger the panel, the faster it charges. It is unlikely that you will be charging a 40AH battery at a higher rate than its maximum charge rate because solar panels tend to be on the weak side.

        Take the solar panel Watt rating and divide it by the battery voltage to obtain its output current–then divide the AH rating of the battery by this current to obtain the number of sunlight hours required to charge a fully discharged battery.

        To prevent overcharging, a charge voltage regulator is required–otherwise you must monitor battery voltage to guess when it is fully charged, and then disconnect the battery.

      • Pravin Chavre says: on December 10, 2012 at 5:54 pm

        Please tell me the solar panel that can charge the 12 Volt 7 Ah battery.

        Have a nice day.

      • Jim Keith says: on December 10, 2012 at 6:25 pm


        $29 ships from China

      • Pravin Chavre says: on December 12, 2012 at 5:33 am

        The link is given above is not working. It displays an error saying “Page Not Found”.

        The 12 Volt 7 Ah battery needs a charging voltage of 14 to 15 volts. So can we attach a solar panel with voltage output of 15 Volt 10 Watt?

        Have a nice day.

    10. dear sir,
      thanks for providing us this circuit in our website,we need a clarification on this circuit,if all the connections are made as per circuit diagram at the terminals A,B,C it gives the output voltage at a time………………………!!!!!!! please reply us sir.

    11. sir,
      we r working on this circuit. ca you send me the block diagram?

    12. sir i am working on project to make a solar cell phone charger what changes i have to make in the above circuit. i was thinking of using a 6v solar module is it good and what other changes i will have to make.

    13. Could you please give the voltage specifications for C1, C2?

    14. Hello Sir,
      Good work.

      Where did you buy the Solar panel?
      I already have 6V solar panel and I just want to make mobile charger. How to modify the circuit?
      For charging the mobile phone we require only 3.6V right? If we send 5V won’t that damage the mobile?
      Thanks in advance.

    15. i want ur clear explation about mobile phone travel charger

    16. For all readers of this site , We will get solar panels from renouned shop of metro cities. Its price is on the basis of per watt. It is from Rs. 70 to Rs.95/- watt. If we buy 5 watt panel its cost is Rs.475/- Or if we want to buy 10 watt panel .Its cost not more than Rs.950/- Its only for information.

      • sir may i know d place of d shop u mentiond i want 2 buy solar pannels 4 my project..plz rply me as soon as possible

    17. Pls sir . Can you send me the design calculation. And also a circuit for mobile multiport phone solar charger including 7 segment display

    18. Thank u
      Above Circuit is my mini project So i am really Thank u

    19. plz tell me from where i find three terminal ic 7806 for solar charger……?????

    20. its really a fabulous circuit……….thank you sir,,,

    21. sir can u please provide block diagram for this???

    22. hello sir,

      m tested this circuit i got 5.96 v at A point and also my battery is not charging wat i do? i got only 50 mA current at point A.

    23. I Want to make 75 watt solar panal from cells. Please tell me which cell can use in panal and quantity of cells.
      are all cell connected in series or parallol conection.

    24. Sir i want to make a generator for my mobile charge .how can i do it. Plz help me it my project …

    25. Sir i need only 5V.Because we don’t need that B and c junctions right-when i using that A junction and i will get that voltage -it is possible i get the voltage pls tell me sir.

    26. i need complete notes of solar multi puspose battery charger..

    27. Sir apart from the solar panel can I use other DC sources as a supply to the multipurpose charger?

    28. Is the diode 1N 5204 or IN 5204?
      @Collins Selom – is 1N5204

    29. What are the indications given by Red LED for the charging process? Does it give indication when the battery is fully Charged?

    30. Design a solar charger for mobile cellphones with a lamp and a torch using a 12v solar supply

    31. sir are the resistor 1/4 watts?Also the capacitors how many volts.

    32. Sir do you have a circuit that connect the solar panel directly to the LED or any bulb.Or a circuit that uses the solar panel as the power source (regulated DC ) thank you

    33. hi,sir,
      i just want you to send me a circuit diagram and parts list for solar multipurpose charger…
      plz…send me as soon as possible…

      thanking you,

    34. Narada Fernando says: on May 30, 2012 at 4:52 pm

      Dear sir,

      I want to design a circuit that can charge mobile phone from solar power and as well as battery power.

      See my block Diagram.
      Give me a help for that.

      solar–>backup battery
      backup battery–>load
      solar–> load

      Solar voltage Max 12v.
      Battery voltage 4.5v
      Idea of how circuit works:
      Solar panel gives it’s power to the battery when load is not connected and battery power is <6v
      when load is connected but solar panel doesn't give any voltage that mean out of sunlight then backup battery gave charging voltage to the load.
      if solar gave voltage, then solar energy directly send to load without getting any power from backup battery.
      LED indication is suitable every process.

    35. Can you send m,e circuit diagram of automatic solar cell charger.

    36. Mohamed Jameel says: on July 6, 2012 at 9:46 am

      Dear sir,

      Do you have any links for the datasheet 1N5204???
      Is there any other diode that can substitute to this one?

    37. we have selected solar inverter battery charger as our mini project.Can i get any details about that project

    38. Can someone send me an easy schematic for Mobile solar charger ?

      Thank you

      • I assume for cellphones?
        This circuit is about as simple as you can get.


        Connect it to a 3-5 watt 6v solar panel.
        We have 17 operating here in the US and 30 so far in one small town in Africa. We are training how to assemble them in Ethiopia in May of 2013. They work with most phones except iphone 3G and newer. But how many iphones are in rural parts of Africa anyway?

    39. Hello Jeff,

      Thank you for info. In May of 2013 are you going to assemble them in Ethiopia ?

      I am from that country.

      All the best

      • Yes, we will be near Dodola, Ethiopia

      • Hi J,

        It is cool!

        Can I use 5V regulator (LM 7805) instade of Sipex SPX2940U ?

        Thank you


      • The Sipex is a Low Drop Out regulator. That means it has a low forward voltage drop(about 280mv)

        The LM7805 has a forward drop of about 3 volts and would still work, is not as efficient, and would require a solar panel rated at 9 volts or more and you may have to attach a heat sink to the regulator to dissapate the excess voltage burned off as heat.

    40. Thank you.

      My solar cell has 18V/40mA.

      1- what type of wire and Which wire size shall I use to connect my small solar cell with the diode, resistors and USB ?

      2- Am I needed to solder them or turned together ?

      Thank you again and wait to hear from you guys


      • Hi Tare,

        Please contact me through my website’s contact page as I don’t want to hijack D.Mohankumar’s thread.

    41. Hi J,

      Do you have an indicator for this circuit when the battery of Ni-Cd is fully charge?

      Will it work if i replace it with Ni-MH battery?

    42. sir what will happen use of another diode instead of IN5204

    43. The 1N5204 is a very obscure device that someone probably found in his junk box. I would use a 1N4004 or similar diode.

    44. Regarding a resistor (R2 and R3) to “reduce” current from the voltage regulators as seen here for the output of the 7805 and 7806 ICs, – are 1/4 or 1/2 watt resistors suitable?

      Because I’m new to electronics, – an answer that includes the V,I,R math to determine this would be extra helpful. I’m not sure how ‘I’ (current) specifically is determined to arrive at the answer. (Asking here too in case a 5W resistor is needed – so as to avoid house fires if other newbs are reading / creating) :)

    45. Sir,
      Can we use general purpose diode instead of blocking diode 2n 5902

    46. Can this circuit be used as a power supply for other circuits. For instance a TTL Digital Circuit at the 5V section.

    47. Guys hi!
      This can be a neat solution for a workshop where portable battery equipment get serviced .Just use a power supply of about 18 volts and use 7805 7806 and so on and fit a one ampere meter in series with the one lead and banana posts for the different voltages so that it will not be easy to adjust the voltage too high. I know that one 317 regulator and a potentiometer can do this job BUT DID YOU NEVER SLIPPED OR BUMPED THE POT ON YOUR WORKBENCH? And if the pot get worn?

    48. i want to make this project so u can please tell me how can i make this and can send me its manual on mail id and bolck diagram plzzz sir its very very very urgent i need manual and its over all diagram and ways to make this projectt

    49. sir the two resistors 47R what it means?

    50. Dear sir,

      were i can get solar 10 amps MPPT charge control pcb and drawing

    51. Very nice circuit, thanks

    52. hello there sir.

      just want to ask about the circuit what could be the possible voltage for the electrolytic capacitor. we also couldn’t find any IN 5204 component, even in internet basis. is it existing?

    53. Ghilmar
      You may use any 3amp 100volt diode The current and voltage rating may be higher

    54. Sir you can help me to make solar mobile charger w battery back up pls. Send me a duagram and part list sir.

    55. sir. what do i need to change if i have 10 watts/21 volts panel to charge a 6 volt 14 aH battery..

      what transistor, resistor, capacitor I need to change in this circuit, please send me some computation if you have I really need this for my project..

      this circuit help me alot. i also find this kind of circuit on emergency light.

    56. what is the opposite of IN 5204 diode because could not found it

    57. isthere any alternative of IN5204 IN 5204 diode

      In general, as this question is regularly asked: The voltage of electrolytic capacitors should always be at least twice the max voltage in the circuit.

    59. From this given circuit we can charge mobile batterys.
      pls reply

      • Thinks for this sit,
        Ply I have a question, I have a some panel rating 12v 18wetts can it charge a 12v 100amps battery every well and how long will it take to fully charge? Thanks

    60. sir, what is d value of R2 & R3?

    61. sir,how can we connect mobile ports in this circuit for charging the mobile in day to day life?

    62. why we can’t store the a.c.?


    64. Pls anyone send me a proper circuit diagram and required element name with rating. I want to try a project Mobile Phone Charger By Using Solar cell.pls help me.

    65. Hello sir, i want to work on a project automatic solar mobile charger. Will u mail me any circut on this topic its urgent plzzz……

    66. Sir..I wish to take up this project can u suggest me some innovative ideas which can be added to this project..can u Plz mail me with some ideas..


    68. If battery is over charged than what happens ,is this circuit going to stop charging

      please suggests

    69. hi
      trying to find pcb modules that can charge 2, 4 or 6 x AA ni-mh batteries (2.4, 4.8v or 7.2v) using a 12v or 18v solar panel.
      batteries will be attached to the load but only on intermitently.
      just like the chinese use on solar lights etc
      ideally one unit with jumper to set if 2, 4, or 6 cells but ok with seperate modules if have to.
      the same again ( or included in the above) for 9v PP3 rechargeable Ni-mh
      just cannot find them
      any help appreciated

    70. We are manufacturing of mobile phone chargers but we are facing a problem of current leakage in the lead out how to arrest that current leakage.
      Pls guide me

    71. Hko sir i m working on a project electro solar inverter in this the battery will get charge by solar nd alternate current suggest me a suitable circuit for…

    72. Plese, I’m taking up my project on mobile phone charger by using solar cell and backup with ac/dc adpter. I need proper circuit diagram on this topic, its urgent, can u suggest to me as well some innovative ideas which can be added to this project. Please,I will be graetful if you can mail me with some ideas
      Thank you


    73. SIR please explain me the operation of SOLAR BASED MOBILE CHARGER asap. plz repli fast. its urgent

    74. sir can we connect all the three loads at a time? and how can i make a mobile recharge circuit work with a 6v solar panel

    75. Abhijeet Gotkhindi says: on September 9, 2015 at 4:42 pm

      Can I replace the solar panel with 18v 10watt instead of 12v 5watt??

    76. Sir, in the SOLAR BASED MULTI CHARGER how to connect the load(batteries) at the output terminals. Have a nice day

    77. Pls how can I construct a circuit that will automatically switch OFF series of lighting when day break and automatically switch it ON in d night

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