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    This is the most simple fm receiver with good performances that works great even if the sensitivity is not too high. The working principle of this radio receiver may seem a little unusual. It is made of an oscillator (T2 and T3) that is synchronized with the received frequency of T1 which works as a broadband preamplifier in VHF range.

    How does the fm receiver works

    The oscillator is adjusted between 87 … 108 MHz with C5. Because of the synchronization, the oscillator output will have the same frequency deviation as the received signal from the fm antenna. This deviations are caused by the broadcasted audio information. The frequency modulated signal show up on P1 + R5. Low pass filter R6/C6 extracts the audio signal and then is amplifier by T4 … T6 and transmitted at the output through C9 capacitor.

    FM Receiver Circuit Schematic

    small fm receiver circuit schematic

    The coil details are presented in the fm receiver circuit diagram. The radio receiver is adjusted on different stations with the help of C5. P1 potentiometer is adjusted untill the best reception is obtained. If we attach an audio amplifier and a speaker then this frequency modulated receiver can be made very compact as a pocket radio.

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    127 Responses to "Simple FM Receiver Circuit"

    1. Good circuit, I saw many fm receivers circuits on internet which uses ICs but this one is simple.

      • what is work of the circuit,plz send me my mail id

      • SUMIT SHUKLA says: on April 11, 2012 at 9:17 am


      • sir,
        can u upload all the details if u have made this
        it will be very helpful

      • Have you built the cct? and is it working? please reply b4 i go on with building.

      • Tassawar Abbas says: on December 14, 2015 at 4:28 pm

        Sir, I need to make a project on FM receiver. But, also need to prepare for viva, including all the details of the circuit. Can you mail me how this circuit works, which parts does what purpose(as limiter discriminator, filters, frequency doubler, sync demodulator, deemphasizer)
        or is it some other way around?

        send me mail please.

    2. this circuit will not work.

    3. I hav tried dis cct but it doesnot respond at all pls wat can i do to amend it as it is my mini project in sch b4 i failed d course. Thanks

    4. Where is the Output of this scheme????

      • ElectroSchematics.com says: on February 26, 2010 at 8:18 pm

        The output of this simple fm radio receiver is at the AF (audio frequency). You can use headphones or connect an audio amplifier if you want higher power.

      • plz give hary perfect circuit diagram plz with components ,working plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz sir i m waiting ur ans plz snd me my id

      • how to connect headphones to get the output?

    5. Maesam Hussain says: on May 16, 2010 at 3:44 pm

      You mentioned “The radio receiver is adjusted on different stations with the help of C5.” C5 is not labelled in the circuit diagram. Could you help me out here please?

    6. Hi. Anyone tried this circuit? Is it works fine.

    7. I changed RF module to NPN BF199. I ignored the audio pre, so it works fine. What kind of oscillator is it?

    8. hi, please tell me about the audio quality of this receiver. Is it distorted like super-regenerative designs?

      • ElectroSchematics.com says: on July 21, 2010 at 5:13 pm

        We have not tested this fm receiver yet but I believe it has a good audio quality if the received signal is strong enough.

      • vipin khanna says: on February 6, 2012 at 7:30 pm

        sir i want to made this projects but it’s not works, so please gelp me?

    9. Is the resistor connecting to L2, 220 ohms or 220K ohms?


    10. I’ve built this circuit now and i’m getting very mixed performance. Sometimes I can find a station and it will stay with it for a while other times it will only find the station for a few seconds and sometimes I can’t find any stations (By the way, it only ever finds the same station). I’ve pretty much used exactly the same components as in the diagram. Probably the main problem when tuning is, as soon as you move your hands or body, let go of the tuning cap or touch the 10k pot, whatever station you had on will either disappear or sometimes become clearer, which means you have to stand in some contorted position to remain on the station, I know this also happens with radios you can buy so any ideas what i’m doing wrong, or any tips on tuning this thing a bit more reliably? I would post this in the forum but it doesn’t look too active at the moment.

      • I think the oscillator is sfithing the frequency because of the human body so you must build the oscillator inside a metal case.

      • ok cheers, i’ll try that, its hard to put the variable cap in a case as obviously you have to get at it to tune to stations and the knob on the variable cap is both tiny and metal itself, so using a screwdriver to tune it in doesnt work either

    11. good project for project

    12. is this circuit work corectly or not,plz rply me soon

    13. well, it’s a good idea. Absolutely good for a beginner.

    14. kasonde michael says: on March 17, 2011 at 10:00 am

      made this one for my students in telecom. it worked thanks

    15. Hey Daniel,
      for all types of RF(HF & above) circuit
      we need to shield the PCB in matel case.

      always use a special screw driver built for rf tuning purpose.

      and most importent thing is never use verro board(general purpose PCB) for such projects, make your own desighned PCB for it and and make copper poring on PCB.

    16. I have built this circuit and seem to be picking up a signal i have added an audio amplifier so that i can play it through a speaker but i need to conduct some testing can you help me by telling or showing me what to expect from all of the subsystems.

    17. khan gul da swat says: on April 28, 2011 at 4:25 pm

      very nice ckt diagram

    18. I have made a spice model of the circuit and it runs. Good waves !!

      I only changed PNP BF324 to BC327-40. It fits to the Volt- Data on your circuit… Where can I send the model, to proove it, and maybe everybody can see it ?? Best Greetings from Berlin/ Germany

    19. hi..
      can you plz exactly label the components of this ckt??
      i am finding it hard to locate P1, R5, R6 etc…

    20. To Gordon
      Can you send me your project about this circuit, please?
      I’m trying to make it, but not successfull
      please send to my email truong.firestone@gmail.com
      Thanks so much ~

    21. How is the receiver in the mobile phones?
      They should be very small.

    22. where should be
      audio amplifier attach?

    23. hi,i want to know the duty of each ics, it is necessary for mi, pleas help me,tank you

    24. hey where can we connect the speaker to here the audio sitgnals or (music). ndwhat kind of applications does it have can you help out wid that!!!!!!!!!!!!

    25. heyplz reply fast plzzz its urgent!

    26. Hi, I have a simple question,

      can I use other NPN/PNP transistors other than the ones in your circuit? I have a project about FM Receiver circuit, and I’m afraid that I may not find the exact transistors required in your circuit diagram.

      Thanks. Hoping for a Reply.

    27. I made PCB for this circuit and i added LM386 as audio amp. and 2maro I will assemble it , i will say the things that i will have receive,
      if it would work i will send PCB and schematic of it

      sorry because of my poor English….
      connect me…

    28. hi
      it worke but it can not give away station I test it with my own transmiter
      where can I put the PCB?

    29. i try but it never work what may be the problem?

      • babak shhirani says: on November 24, 2011 at 3:45 pm

        please give us more information ,,,
        it just did not work is not enought
        did you made PCB for it>
        it works it test it by myself

    30. kalpesh chhabhaiya says: on January 21, 2012 at 3:53 pm

      nice work …… can you upload its photos or video of working model ?

    31. yes, it was worked

    32. can you give me the pcb layout of this circuit diagram as fast as u can?

    33. capacitor near POCKET FM RECEIVER note is of 4.7nf or other????????plz i m 1 step near to make ths ckt……

    34. what are the values of inductors or how to design them

      • abhijeet says: on March 15, 2012 at 10:33 am

        take a copper wire which is polished then with the help of wires refiels of pen you can make inductors

    35. how to design audio amplifier at output stage.

    36. what is the alternative for BF324 transistor

    37. Sir, I need to make a project on FM receiver. But, also need to prepare for viva, including all the details of the circuit. Can you mail me how this circuit works, which parts does what purpose(as limiter discriminator, filters, frequency doubler, sync demodulator, deemphasizer)
      or is it some other way around?
      Reply or mail to me asap

    38. How can connect the high power fm receiver in my mobile phone..????superhetrotyne receiver or trf receiver..

    39. SIR

    40. can u tell me, what is component 4.7uf??

    41. nice project will try and build it in no time

    42. hello. thank

    43. the crt is not work
      i have question if the trimmer terminals are short circuited ?

    44. Plz tel me ful description about this.send to my id

    45. Nice circuit,I cann’t find negative voltage input line and cann’t saw the line from where I can out speaker.

    46. please send me the pcb design for this circuit as soon as possible….thanx


    48. HAI SIR.


    49. can u tell me the working of this circuit?????

      this receiver is not picking up the fm stations…
      can u tell how can i improve this circuit to pick up fm signals..???????????

    50. What is the core of the inductors used? is it ferrite core or air core?

    51. HI.. im just new to this.. so what kind of antenna should be used in this fm receiver?? tnx..

    52. Dear P.Marian, I am astonished and shocked….you have posted a circuit here, which you must have picked up from some magazine or website, without even assembling and trying it out, and then you have the audacity to comment “Yes, it won’t work, you are so smart!!! How did you figure it out that this fm receiver circuit won’t function properly?” to bauxit! May I ask you how did YOU figure it out that the circuit will work, even without trying it out? The circuit may or may not work, but that is not the question here…it is a matter of ethics. If you post a circuit which you have not actually assembled and tried out, then you should mention this fact right in the beginning of the post. That absolves you of all responsibilities regarding the functioning of the circuit. Many people have written here saying that they have constructed the circuit and it does’t work, instead of answering their queries you make funny remarks on others! I am sorry if I sound a bit harsh, I have no malice against you, but I would really appreciate if you post articles after actually trying them yourself. Thanks and all the best.

      • I spent hours making this circuit, with all new parts. All components very constucted onto a dual ciopper board. Unelievably all the voltage specs in the diagram check out, but regardless of all the checking and diagnostics this circuit does not work. I have an oscilloscope also and I am unable to acheive any oscillation wehatsoever. I am so dissappoointed and vexed as to how this could be. I guuess I leasrned my lesson, Build at your own risk. Could have been worse though.

    53. where to connect the speaker sir . please tell me

    54. can somebody post the perfect simple fm receiver.? barely needed.thanks!!!

    55. the coil is so difficult to find it….if i make another coils with variable values,this will make error???????? and if this will make error what will can i do??

    56. can anyone tell me the working of this circuit??

    57. I am not able to find transistor BF324 in India on it replace which transistor do I use ?

    58. I built the circuit, but I absolutely can not work this oscillator. The radio will not transmit any other type of oscillator, but at least there is noise, if it’s not what I’m building.

    59. IC Based circuits are simpler to design. these transistorized circuits often comes with serious problems.

    60. hey i want to make a receiver of 400KHz but its very hard to find any info about it so please can you help me out of this……

    61. paschal fortunatusy says: on October 2, 2013 at 4:48 pm

      show me the output waveform of fm receiver circuit and show me where is the oscillator and its functions also show me where is the demodulator,mixer,audio frequency amplifier,send answer through my gmail.

    62. This circuit looks very interesting and easy to build but
      from what i read here it looks that not work and some
      people even said that work with general purpose transistor
      which is really silly ..
      For this type of circuit you must use transistors for
      min fT : 100MHz to work this is just a superregen with
      osacilator creted with 2 transistors.
      I will try build this circuit with motorola BF412 pnp
      transistors because i don’t have BF324.

    63. After some experiment with different transistors i can
      only say that this circuit NOT work as is intentented to be.
      First of all this BF324 is very hard to find.
      This type of oscillator is very unstable .
      if someone is interested in any other similar circuit
      design send me email on:


    64. Hello again..
      So is there someone who build this radio with
      NPN transistors?

      if someone is interested in any other similar circuit
      design send me email on:


    65. Hi to all…
      For everyone who is interested how to build this circuit
      but with NPN transistor you can look here:

      In my circuit i have tested transistors
      C9018- well known from many small portable FM radios
      C3355 – well known from many VIDEO casette players
      used in RF modulator for RF output.
      You can also use BF254 or BF199.
      From my experience main problem with this circuit is
      how to properly build coil which must cover whole
      FM band -> 88-108MHz
      After some calculation i use 0.5 mm lack-insulated wire
      and wind 4 turn over 6 mm drill.
      I also use (from portable radio) plastic variable
      capacitor and connect left pin & mid pin of capacitor.
      between this two pins i also add 22pF cap ,also i have
      add another in serie cap of 18pF to properly cover range.
      If you have any question visit my forum…

    66. I’m aldready confused by the circuit, can some one help me to figure out where is the coil….

    67. PrashanthSuvarna says: on June 26, 2014 at 8:39 pm

      Hi2all participants of this circuit. This seems 2b covered in some mag many,many years bac. although the circuit is orthodox, the circuit does seem2operate,although I must admit that I did try2execute the same&taht it did not work. Although @this stage I must admit that I was “taken4a ride’ by a dealer who sold me dud equivalents in place of the elusive BF124 insisting that it would work(It never did, although I still suspect that it didnt because of using the wrong transistors)Now 4the working of the circuit.The first Tr is used as a wideband Rf Antenna preamp here. The amplified signal here is mixed with a Syncronizable oscillator (Did I hear some1 say PLL)which beats@the same freq as the input signal.Now as the amplitude of the Osc is higher than that of the weak signal but that@the same freq it is now more easy2extract/detect the audio from the carrier which is now done here by the 2rd Tr BC560. Once this is done the audio signal is amplified by a very stable&hi gain 2Transistor stage which I suspect is responsible 4 much of the amplification in the circuit. I have now got hold of the original recommended Transistors &hope2unravel its results in the future&keep u posted on the matter . In the mean time keep up the f/b.Its Interesting.

    68. First of all,i am not sure what this observation means ?
      Transistor is BF324 not BF124..and is very hard to fine
      or use proper equivalent that work in this circuit.
      As i said before take my suggestion and use NPN transistors
      without need for preamplifier stage just to test if work.
      Tested transistors are :

      So anyone can find one option.
      Both transistors must be the same.
      For emiter trimer you can use 10k to set oscillation
      trashhold…to get super regeneration.

    69. It works great!!!

    70. [quote]It works great!!![/quote]

      Which one work great?
      with PNP or as i do with NPN based

      More circuits of similar design you can
      find on :

    71. so you have original transistors BF324 ?

    72. ok here is my design with NPN N9018 transistor.

    73. It works! Needs a TON of tweaking&modifications, but works. However, not practical (very touchy to tune)

    74. which one….original with BF324 or NPN version with N9018?

      • Original. Kinda. I used RF pnp transistor that I found in junk box in RF preamp section, for oscillator I used 2n3906(Yeah, general purpose tr-s), tuning cap from cheap radio with mods to get approx. 2-12pF, coil is 4t on 4.5mm former, with 1mm step between turns, 10k pot and 18k I replaced with 1K multi-turn and 840 Ohms respectively

    75. well..i am glad that work!
      I don’t know i simply don’t have a luck with
      all this PNP RF transistors which i have.
      I hope that i will publish soon simple version
      with Hartley oscillator.

    76. It is really unacceptable to publish a schematic with unlabelled components, particularly when you go on to discuss those components by label. Please fix this.

    77. And yes i finally got it to work with PNP BF970 transistor.
      schematic is very simple and i easy to build complete
      receiver and also with varicap tuning is very fine.
      I can pick up any station which i can hear with standard
      superhet radio..great !

      • Tassawar Abbas says: on December 14, 2015 at 4:01 pm

        Sir, I want to made it please help me and send me the working circuit diagram and the components list….


    78. Sir i have a fm reciever which usages a sony CXA1619BS ic. In which all wires are broken so please tell me where the wires should attach. My fm also have volume,base,trible buttons

    79. mnish…
      you must find on internet how schematic of
      CXA1619BS ic looks ..this is only option.

    80. i m not having nF capacitor , what can i do instead please reply me this is my miniproject.

    81. You not have nF capacitors ???
      But which one ? one from original schematic,
      or c2,c4 (5nF) from circuit presented by me?


      • I just want to know, if I will place combination ( series parallel )of capacitor instead of a equivalent particular one, then will it affect my circuit performance?

    82. Anyone build my version of PNP FM super regen receiver?

    83. could not find bf 199 transistor.would u plz name some of its equivalents

    84. you can use almost any RF transistor for VHF like

      I use in my circuit pnp type BF970 so don’t forget
      that you need for my circuit pnp and not npn
      type like is bf199..ok!

    85. I believe there is an error in the shcematic. I tend to think that the RF should be injected to the hot end of the resonant circuit and not at the emitters of the oscillator. The AF is available at the emitters, as shown. The RF amp stage is not very good. It actually may be better to omit it and connect the antenna directly to the hot end of the resonant.

      The oscillator works well. I use it as a VCO having substituted the capacitor with a varactor diode. The emitter trimmer I use is 22k with a series resistor as low as 2k2. It delivers several tens of mVs. It is fairly stable and provides reasonably good sinewave. I think detection is achieved by sensing the current consuption of the oscillator. When incoming signal deviates from resonance the oscillator tries to “fight back” by taking more current.

    86. Gene..
      It looks that you talk about original circuit explained
      in topic post..right?
      Well ..some people say that original circuit with BF324
      work great…but because i dont have this transistors i cannot
      confirm that work.
      I have tried with BF506 but without any result.

    87. please can i get an article on the circuit diagram of a fm radio reciever that dose not make use of an integrated circuit.

    88. that is very good circuit , Thanx to u sir.

    89. can you pls tell me the exact codes of c 4.7nf and 680n .email me pls

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