simple tv transmitter circuit schematic

Simple TV Transmitter Circuit

This is a small tv transmitter circuit wich trasmittes in VHF, negative sound modulation and PAL video modulation. It is suitable in countries where the B and G system is used.

Simple tv transmitter circuit diagram

simple tv transmitter circuit schematic


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  • hamed algali ali

    please help me ,i have a project on tv transmitter and how to design it by using very thankful for that i hope u will send me the detail .

  • abi

    can u please explain the operation,merits and demerits of this circuit

  • Linford C

    This circuit is awesome pliz will u mind sending me details? Will appreciate.

  • Issa

    what if i want to wind T1 my self can you please provide details about the turns on primary and on secondary please use my email

  • Aswin Geo Simon

    I found this circuit very interesting and decided to do it as my engineering mini project.
    But I am bit confused about the circuit diagram. Please help me to sort out these problems.
    Thanks in advance.
    – What is the value of T1 and suggest best model to buy?
    – What are the methods to increase the range of transmission?
    – What type of antennae is preferred?

  • sata2012

    1 – I was wondering how much the values ​​shown in the schematic circuit inductors find (24swg 4turns 6mm)
    What should the inductance? L1=?
    2 – If I want to increase the frequency of the circuit up to 500 MEG What can I do?
    3 – What kind of antenna should be used?
    4 – What kind of IF transformer is and what is the best model?
    5 – What is the circuit range?
    6 – at the end, this circuit is tested and works?

  • umakant

    what is the role of capacitor c7 in this circuit?

    • Popescu Marian

      C7 and C5 form the parallel resonant circuit which determines the frequency of the oscillator hence the frequency of the tv transmitter.

  • emerald

    i will be very greatful as well if you can help me with the the schematics and the calculation that made you arrive at the circuit, you are really helping pple not to commit suicide due to unrealistic projects

  • Mike Banda

    What are the next stages of this TV transmitter to cover a radius of 20km.if you kingly post the circuit diagram,components and values to my email I will be glad

  • I will be interested if you can supply me with details of circuit design calculations of a low cost, UHF, 3-5 km, audio/video/data transmitter and receiver, for i am to design and construct one for my project. thanks

    Really this circuit gives me an insight on the theory and practice of a TV transmitter.

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