FM Module with USB Function

The FM module with USB function of Vire Silicon.Co Ltd is an excellent miniature FM module with USB input and digital display for functions.
It is available as assembled board with remote.

The VIRE-FM 01C FM –USB Module is available as ready made assembled board. Its output can be connected to power amplifier or into the amplifier of VCD player, Car stereo etc. The module has the following important features:

Item .No.VIRE-FM-003-01

  • FM Channels 87.5 – 108 MHz
  • Song number display
  • Song selection mode
  • Auto channel scan and save provision
  • Digital volume level display
  • Forward and backward selection
  • Volume Up /down buttons

The circuit board is available as kits with connecting wires. It is necessary to connect Remote Sensor, USB socket and Amplifier with speaker.
The circuit requires 5 Volt regulated power supply.


On the PCB, there are markings for wire connections and wire sets are provided along with the kit. The markings on the back of the PCB indicates:

  • IR Sensor TSOP 1738 connection
  • G-Ground – Pin1 of sensor
  • R1 – Output of Sensor-Pin 3 of sensor
  • 3.3 V Supply – Pin 2 of sensor

Connect the wires connected to these points to the sensor:
USB Connection
1. GND
2. DP
3. DM
4. 5V- 5 Volt will be available from the board itself

Output to Amplifier
L – Left channel
G – Ground
R – Right channel

Volume control

Use a 10 K Lin dual volume control between the output lines (L and R) of the module and the amplifier. Set minimum volume (2 to 4) in the module using remote and adjust 10 K pot to get clear sound from the speaker. Then increase the volume using remote to the required level. The module can give 1 to 50 range volume.


Antenna is necessary if the signal strength is weak .Connect 30 cm plastic wire to the point ANT on the PCB
5 Volt regulated power supply is necessary for the circuit. Make a regulated power supply with IC 7805 with 1000 uF filter capacitor. If the power supply is not well regulated or with ripples, performance of the circuit will be poor.

Remote less operation

On the PCB, connections V+, PM, CH V-, P etc are given to connect membrane switches for manual operation.

The FM board is manufactured by VIRE SILICON CO., LTD.

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  • gyanendra

    Fm modular card showing E86

  • Ningraj

    hi sir
    I m ningraj I m wanted to connect usb pannel to sony car stereo I m wanted find out the inputs of car stereo like right channel (R),Ground (G),left channel (L) of car stereo please help me sir
    thank u sir

  • Jayanta Mondal

    The IC may be damaged. So better to replace the USB kit. Now a days better type complected USB kit is also available by another make with better facility. Cost is around Rs.150/- in Kolkata Chandni market. Result may be tested.

  • Mohana chakravarthy

    hi,i have the same board VIRE-01F V3.0, The 48 pin IC in that circuit has burned due to lightning,Where can i buy it ?? pls help me friends…….

  • Jayanta Mondal, West Bengal , Kolkata

    Comment Sir, I already assembled many mp3 kit by vire make but I found that no pen drive is working with new model mp3 kit bought on May’2014 and onwards. I have alredy bought 3 kits but result is
    same – fm is working well but pen drive not working. Plz help me.


    how to disable FM….I NEED ONLY USB PLAY

  • P.Manivannan

    Hi friends, pls help me, how to give proper wiring connection from pioneer dew2050mpg to vire01fv3.0 mp3 connection.

  • R Varadarajan

    Can some one think of making a low cost Audio Cassette to MP3 Converters. Some of the Old and valuable cassettes could be digitalised.

  • aman

    Dear Sir,
    Can u please suggest me some link for making the sound amplifier so that 4ohm ya 8ohm speakers can be connected externally.

  • Khadim Hussain

    Isn’t there built in amplifirer in this mp3 player? Please tell me where is amplifier ic.

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