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    The most important part of this 88-108 transmitter is the Colpitts oscillator. C3,C4,C5,C6,CD1-CD2 ans L1 determine the transmission frequency. The RF Oscillator circuit has the BF982 MosFet transistor wich is the active part. The others 2 transistors separate the VCO from antenna.

    FM transmitter circuit diagram

    fm transmitter circuit schematic with bfr90

    The first stage BF199 amplifies the weak signal from the vco and functions in constant load. The second stage BFR90 amplifies the rf signal to load the antenna wich will radiate the radio frequency power.
    Antenna can be one wire, 70 cm long. L1 coil has 1mm thick copper wire, 3.5 turns, 5 mm diameter and 1mm space between turns.
    You can use BF199 instead of BFR90 and MV104 instead of the 2 varicape diodes.

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    21 Responses to "88 108 MHz FM Transmitter Circuit"

    1. pls i get maintance manual of 10 killo watts transmitterfrom u

    2. i am pleased with you article.i am student taking telecommunication couse.please sent me transmitter circuit daigram which is easy to build.thank you.


    4. I Repair Fm Transmeter at home Help me

    5. please help, i need fm transmitter that is easy to build.. tnx

    6. I want to know about DIP Switch data frequecy setting for fm 88.0 mhz – 108.0 mhz. Please to my E-mail for its Thanks you. Cause I m very needed for Locked frequnce for fm tx

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    9. pankaz kanti halder says: on September 20, 2011 at 3:51 pm

      sir actually wana made fm station.i tryed many but faill.please help me.+8801760939069

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    11. can i just swap mic become input from mcu? so the fm trans will act like tone at the receiver.

    12. can someone help us to make an FM transmitter with a frequency of 93.3 MHz.
      badly needed until friday thank you and GOD bless

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    14. construire un émetteur radio fm pro 8 watts 15 km propre et sans bavure.
      to build a broadcasting transmitter Fm pro 8 Watts 15 km clean and without bur.


    15. Pls sir I need a diagram of 2km fm transmiter.

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