dc motor speed controller schematic

DC Motor Speed Controller Circuit

This motor speed controller uses a single IC LM1014 to control the speed of a DC motor. It senses the increase in the motor-current when the rotation of the motor slows down due to a load. The IC then increases the motor voltage so that the original speed is recovered. P1 potentiometer varies the speed of the motor.

Motor Speed Controller Circuit Schematic

dc motor speed controller schematic

LM1014 is a monolithic IC specially designed to provide a low cost motor speed regulator for low voltage DC motors.

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  • anil mishra

    Sir ,,, how can we speed control ,without use of electronic circuit.

    • Jim Keith

      One easy way is to control the AC voltage applied to a full wave bridge with a Powerstat (variable transformer). Adding a series inductor to the DC output tends to improve speed regulation.


    Olá, gostei dos projetos de controle de motores ac e dc,gostaria de obter esses esquemas p/ controlar motores ac em 110v e tb dc de maior potencia, pelo menos até 5A,no aguardo de um retorno

  • sandeep

    sir,how to control dc motor using atmega8 micro controller please send me the details

    • sumeet

      FOR THE ATMEGA8 u dont require anything else for controling speed of motor try uisnd coding of delAy timer . .. . as b000100010 and b00000000 . altermatively

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